Friday, April 12, 2013

Hanging Socks

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While I was folding laundry one day (trust me, that's a rare and memorable occasion!), I ended up with a bunch of mismatched socks.  Some of the socks hadn't made it into the wash yet so that's why I had so many incomplete pairs.  I thought J might have fun trying to hang some socks to practice doing laundry while I continued to fold the rest of the laundry.

  • Clothespins
  • String
  • Socks
    The "laundry basket."
I tied the string to two chairs in my dining room to make the clothesline for this activity.  I then pinned one sock to the clothesline.

The invitation to hang socks.
Opening clothespins is still quite challenging for J so he found this activity a little difficult.  Nonetheless, he still managed to hang a few, but with some assistance from me.

Checking out the next sock.

Attempting to hang the sock.
It turns out he likes laundry about as much as I do (OK, I am good at washing it, but not folding or putting it away).  J did this activity for maybe ten minutes before getting completely bored.  Maybe if I had numbered the socks he would have enjoyed this activity more...


  1. Jack would love this. Because he likes the "sock game" on Daddy's phone. It's a clothesline with socks and then you find the matching sock to make pairs. I get Jack to help do that all the time, but the clothesline would make it more fun!

    1. The clothesline would definitely make it more fun!