Thursday, February 12, 2015

12 Easy Tutorials for Customizing Blogger

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Most people are shocked to learn that my blog is hosted by Blogger because, well, it doesn't look like a typical Blogger blog. I have customized and tweaked my blog to look more professional and less like a Blogger blog. I happen to be quite good at HTML and I know people who aren't familiar with HTML get a little scared when it comes to tweaking their blog layout. So I thought I would share 12 easy and must try tutorials that will make your Blogger blog look more professional. These tutorials will magically transform your blog within minutes.

Make your Blogger blog look more professional with these 12 easy, must try tutorials from And Next Comes L

**Just a reminder, always back up your blog's template before editing the HTML. Read more about how to back up your blog's template on Blogger here.**

1. Remove the Blogger Navbar

How to Remove the Blogger Navbar  - Nothing gives away a Blogger blog more than that pesky navbar at the very top of a Blogger blog. It's hideous and useless. "But I use that search bar all the time!" you say. I highly recommend installing a custom Google search bar instead.

2. Remove the Blogger Attribution Gadget

How to Remove the Blogger Attribution Gadget - Another pesky Blogger nuisance is the "Powered by Blogger" attribution that you find at the end of the footer on Blogger blogs. You can easily hide it and trick your friends into believing you don't use Blogger, even if you really do.

3. Remove the Border Around Your Photos on Blogger

How to Remove Blogger Photo Shadow/Border - Have you noticed the white border around your photos on Blogger? Well, here's how you can easily remove it and transform your photos.

4. Make Your Blogger Comments More Attractive

How to Change Blogger Comment Avatars - Love when people comment on your blog posts, right? Well, you have likely seen the hideous orange Blogger logo next to some of those comments. Bet you didn't know you could customize those avatars! Well, it's super easy to do!

5. Add Full Width Photos to Blogger

How to Automatically Resize Blogger Images to Fit Blog Post Area - If you love giant pictures that are full width like you see on Wordpress blogs, then this tutorial is for you! Make your photos the forefront of your blog posts.

6. Remove the "Showing Posts with Label" Message on Blogger

How to Remove the "Showing Posts with Label" Message - You're visiting a blog and click on a category in the menu. Then BAM, you see this ugly gray box that says "showing posts with {insert label name here}." Make it disappear or change it up with this easy tutorial.

7. Customize the "Newer & Older Posts" Links on Blogger

How to Customize the "Newer & Older Posts" Links - You can change the text, use images, and/or even change the position of the links. This tutorial will show you how!

8. Set Up a Custom Domain in Blogger

How to Set Up a Custom Domain in Blogger - Getting a domain name for your blog will instantly make your blog look more professional. Here's how to set it up once you purchase the domain name. Don't forget to make sure your domain name works when you type it without the www. in front.

9. Make Your Header & Footer Full Width in Blogger

How to Make Your Header & Footer Full Width in Blogger - I love full width headers, footers, and navigation bars. They make blogs pop, in my opinion. It's pretty easy to do too!

10. Add Numbered Pagination to Blogger

How to Add Numbered Pagination to Blogger - Blogger doesn't do a good job of making blog archives easy to access, so I find pagination buttons super helpful. You can see them in action on my blog at the bottom (they're black and pink). This tutorial will show you how to add them. If you are comfortable with CSS, then you can customize the colors further like I did. Just a note, if you use PadSquad for your mobile platform, then they cannot override this numbered pagination feature. I found that out the hard way...weeks of only 7 posts showing at a time. Not good.

11. Center Your Header Image

How to Center Your Header Image on Blogger - Easy as pie, you can get that beautiful header image of yours centered on Blogger using this tutorial.

12. Add a Personalized Signature to the End of Your Blog Posts

How to Add a Signature to Your Blog Posts Automatically - I'm not a big fan of the signature images, personally, but I know that a lot of people love the look of the them. Here's how you can easily add your own signature image to the end of every blog post.

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Ultimate Alphabet & Literacy Bundle now available for a limited time!


  1. Will definitely be trying some of these out soon! Especially the "Powered by Blogger" Attrbution!! Major dislike!!

    1. Goodness yes! That attribution drives me crazy!

  2. Awesome post!! I went right to work as I was reading and already made some changes-- and they were all SO simple to do!

    1. That's great to hear, Tanya! Glad you found them helpful and easy.

  3. Hey Dyan, thank you so much for featuring my blog :)

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  5. I'd love to know how you created your Footer! Wanna write about that?! : )