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5 Pinterest Optimization Tips for Blogger Users

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If you're in my blogging circle and/or happen to chat with me about blogging, then you'll quickly discover that not only do I love Blogger, but I love to hack and customize my Blogger blog a lot. I also love Pinterest. It's my favorite of all social media platforms. I think I have been using it for 18 months now (it's definitely been under 2 years!), but I have quickly grown to almost 200,000 followers in that time. So here are five ways I optimize and customize my Blogger posts for Pinterest to maximize my repins.

5 Pinterest optimization tips for Blogger users from And Next Comes L

1. How to Make Vertical Pin Image Appear First in Blogger

When people click the pin it button to pin awesome posts (like mine!), they are more likely to pin the first image that appears. It's likely due to pinning while mobile, so I like to make sure that my vertical pin image is the first in the list. Remember, vertical images tend to perform better on Pinterest than horizontal!

Here's an example of what I mean. You can see in my kinetic sand potato heads post that my pin image appears first, while my pin image for my homemade light bright tabletop appears at the end (only because I didn't know this amazing tip before then).

Tips for Blogger users: how to specify photo order for the pin it button from And Next Comes L

To control the order of the photos, you need to rename the image file names before you upload the photos to Blogger. Name the photos in the exact alphabetical order that you want them to appear. Whichever photo comes first alphabetically will be the one that appears first when people click the pin it button, regardless of where the actual photo falls in the blog post itself. So for the kinetic sand post, the pin image has a filename that begins with kinetic. All the remaining images begin with sensory followed by a number. Yet the pin image for that post appears first despite it being the last image in the actual post.

2. How to Make Images No Pin in Blogger

Sometimes I don't want a certain image to be pinned to Pinterest. For example, say I do a round up of posts and want to use a photo from another blogger. I don't want their photo to be pinned from my blog. So I make their images non-pinnable. Another example of when I use this feature is if I have a full facial shot of my children that I don't want plastered all over Pinterest.

To make images non-pinnable, you need to add the following code to whichever image you don't want pinned:


To add this code, flip to HTML in your draft. The button is located in the top left corner right under your blog name and the Blogger logo. Scroll until you find the HTML code for the image you want to add the no pin code to. It should look something like this:

<a href="" imageanchor="1" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;"><img alt="Tips for Blogger users: how to specify photo order for the pin it button from And Next Comes L" border="0" src="" height="480" title="Tips for Blogger users: how to specify photo order for the pin it button from And Next Comes L" width="640" nopin="nopin" /></a>

Type nopin="nopin" somewhere inside the <img> tags. I've highlighted it in green above. Now when people click the pin it button, the image with the nopin code will no longer be shown as an option to pin. All the other images will remain available for pinning.

3. Apply for Rich Pins

If you don't already have rich pins for your Blogger blog, then hop to it! It makes your pins look more polished and it's a one time application process. Once you've applied and been set up, there's no other work involved. Find out how to get rich pins here,

4. Fill in the Post's Search Description with Keywords

When you are writing a new post, there is a box called "Search Description" on the right side under "Post settings." Be sure to fill in a keyword friendly description of what your blog post is about. Not only will this step help people find your posts via search engines, but Pinterest will also pull this description for the rich pins (you know, what I told you to do in tip #3). See the image below to see where you can find the search description in the rich pins on Pinterest.

Tips for blogger users: explanation of rich pins for Pinterest from And Next Comes L

5. Add Keywords to Every Image in your Blog Post

For every image that you add in Blogger, you will want to fill in the alt and title text. Completing this step will also help with search engine traffic. Pinterest pulls the alt text when someone clicks the pin it button. See the image above to see where the alt text appears in rich pins. Make sure that you use keywords in the alt text, especially since the new Pinterest smartfeed relies on keyword searches.

Now your Blogger posts are ready for Pinterest! Get more blogging tips and tricks here.


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