Saturday, February 28, 2015

My Blog Turns Two!

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Two years ago today, I decided to start a blog. It started off as a fun hobby, but quickly progressed to so much more. Now it's my hobby and my job. It has also become my platform to curate resources for other hyperlexia parents, which has been both fun and encouraging. I especially want to thank those of you who have messaged me via email or on Facebook to share your stories about hyperlexia. Your stories have made me smile and helped me confirm that my decision to share our story was indeed what I needed to do. To think that I have actually helped other families around the world by sharing my story is absolutely heartwarming. Even if writing about it was emotionally exhausting. So I may have started out blogging about fun kids activities (and still do!), but last year proved to me that I was meant to do more. To write more. To share more about my struggles and triumphs and teeny tiny victories like this in hopes that I could connect with other families. I have certainly found my voice. So thank you for listening. Or I guess reading would be a better word.

Since my daily life is immersed in what I lovingly refer to as "number hell" - thank you hypernumeracy for that - I thought it would be fun to share a bunch of my favorite posts from the past two years in groups of two. But before I do, I also want to celebrate two huge achievements from my blogging career. First, I published a book, which was a childhood dream. Second, I reached 200,000 followers on Pinterest and even got paid to pin something on Pinterest. That's cool, right?

Celebrating my 2nd blog anniversary - And Next Comes L

Okay, let's celebrate two years! Ready or not, here are two posts, two posts, two posts, two posts, two posts...I think you get the idea.

Two Most Difficult Posts to Write Ever
  1. This Is Hyperlexia - It took me 2-3 months to write this post.
  2. I Miss Her - Still cry every time I read this post.

Two Projects That Prove That My Husband & I Are Crazy
  1. Homemade Light Bright - Only -40 C and some 1430 holes later...but hey, it was featured on Apartment Therapy so that's cool!
  2. DIY Cork Building Blocks - Oh god, the blisters I had from this project...

Two Activities That Show That Music Theory Doesn't Have to be Boring Worksheets
  1. Learning Music Theory with Cars 
  2. Learning Music Theory with Mirrors 

Two Reasons Why Felt Toys Are Awesome
Two Posts that Might Help You Get 200,000 Pinterest Followers Just Like Me!

Two Posts that Show My Love for Poetry
  1. Dr. Seuss Parody for Breastfeeding Mothers
  2. Twas the Night Before Mother's Day

Two Posts that Show My Inner Video Game Nerd
  1. Super Mario Themed Scrabble Math
  2. Personalized Nintendo Inspired Wedding Gift

Two DIY Projects That I LOOOOOOVE and You Should Too!
  1. Lovebirds Etched Mirror
  2. Fine Art Gallery for Displaying Children's Artwork

Two Posts That I Wasn't Even Going to Publish, But Did and They Were Surprisingly Popular
  1. Fine Motor Counting Math Tray
  2. Fine Motor Play with Colorful Cups & Water

Two Reasons Why Liquid Watercolors Make Everything Better
  1. Rainbow Chickpeas
  2. Metallic Dyed Beans

Two Activities That Will Make You Want to Own Magna-Tiles
Two Posts That Caused Controversy
  1. Simple Toddler Busy Box - Choking hazard police came out full force on this one!
  2. Homemade Play Parachute - People assume I don't supervise my children or something. Clearly, I give my kids an oversized plastic bag and then turn my back. *insert eye roll*

Two Posts That Show Funny Faces Never Get Old!

Two Posts That Put And Next Comes L in the Spotlight!
Two of My All Time Favorite Posts!

Is that too many? Or should I say "two" many?

Anyway, you're awesome. I'm awesome. Here's to even more awesome in the future! 

Happy two years!