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30+ Practical Tips to Help Your Blog Work Harder

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Have you ever asked yourself any (or all) of the following questions:

  • How can I increase my pageviews? 
  • How can I boost my blog's traffic? 
  • How can I start earning more from my blog? 
  • How can I grow my social media following?
Well, I'm going to show you 30+ practical tips that will help your blog grow by making your blog work harder so you can focus on blogging smarter. 

Instead of telling you to focus on SEO - which is important and you totally should be focusing on - I wanted to create a list of actionable, practical tips that anyone can implement without having to learn and stay up to date on SEO best practices. However, a bulk of these tips will automatically help with your SEO so that's a nice perk, right?

So yes, a lot of these blog tips are things you can do right now, in a matter of minutes, to start getting more traffic to your blog and more social media followers while other tips are important to keep in mind while you are writing a blog post. These tips will help you earn more money too by increasing affiliate earnings and by increasing ad revenue with higher traffic.

Oh and there's a free printable checklist so you can keep these tips handy while you blog!

30+ practical tips to help your blog work harder so you can blog smarter! These tips go beyond SEO as they are practical tips you can do today to boost your blog traffic, grow your blog and social media following, and increase earnings! from And Next Comes L

This post contains affiliate links.

How to Write Blog Posts that Work Harder for Your Blog

1. Try to add at least one affiliate link to every blog post that you write. The best example I have is: Free Printable Daily Visual Schedule. I sell at least one pocket chart every day because of this post.

2. Create roundup posts of your own content regularly. This music activities for kids roundup is quite popular.

3. Create product roundups regularly, especially around Christmas. Here are two examples: Best Books About Autism and Best Board Games for Kids.

4. Make your posts shareable by including a variety of images: square, landscape, portrait, long pin images, etc. You can also have some images with text and some without.

5. Write better headlines. Not click bait ones, but ones that are interesting. Ones that will entice people to click. The better your headline is, the more clicks you will get. You can use this free headline analyzer to see how strong your headlines are.

6. Write blog posts that are sticky. That is, write better, tell more stories, and create posts that people will want to share and comment on. I highly recommend the Sticky Blogging course to help you improve your blog's stickiness. Here's an example of a sticky blog post: Why I Use Math to Connect with My Son.

7. Update old posts regularly by adding affiliate links, updating the photos (either editing current ones or taking new photos entirely), rewriting with SEO in mind, filling in alt text for the photos, writing a better headline, etc. It can give an old post new life!

8. Fill in the alt text for every single photo used in a post. Pinterest pulls this alt text for its pin descriptions. Make sure the alt text has lots of keywords to maximize your chances of being found in Pinterest searches. You can see how it works in step four here.

9. Use related post links within the body of a post like so:


10. Set a featured image for your posts. Featured images will help improve the way your links appear on Facebook. WordPress users can do this through Yoast (I believe from what I have read. I don't use WordPress so I have no idea!). Blogger users can do it with some extra HTML coding.

How to Get Your Blog's Newsletter to Work Harder for Your Blog

1. Create a drip campaign for your newsletter subscribers that highlights popular posts and products that you offer. Check stats regularly and tweak if needed to boost open rate, engagement, etc. I use MadMimi for my newsletter and their drip campaigns are super easy to set up! I have seen a dramatic increase in my daily pageviews since I started my drip campaign.

2. Offer a subscriber freebie to entice people to join your subscription list. I offer a free weekly autism planner for parents.

3. Use a pop-up to boost the number of newsletter subscribers. I use Sumo Me List Builder.

4. Install Hello Bar or similar to highlight your newsletter, products, or social media.

5. Create an email signature for your blog's email account and include: a link to your blog, links to all social media links, a link to subscribe to your newsletter, and/or a link to a product on your blog.

6. Create a landing page that new subscribers are directed to after subscribing that highlights popular blog posts, products you sell, social media links, etc. I also have a reader survey on my landing page so that I can learn more about my subscribers, what they're looking for, what their biggest parenting challenge is, and more! I get so many ideas for future blog posts from this survey.

7. Include your social media links or a popular post in the footer of your newsletter. Your newsletter subscribers are going to be your most loyal readers, so encourage them to follow you on social media as well.

How to Get Your Blog's Design to Work Harder for Your Blog

1. Create landing pages for topics that you frequently cover on your blog instead of linking to categories or labels. Be sure to design images for those landing pages so that they can be easily shared on social media. Two examples from my blog: Autism Resources for Parents and Quiet Books. I am currently working on adding more.

2. Link to landing pages in your blog's navigation menu instead of linking to categories or labels. Doing so means you get at least one more pageview. And it's also better for SEO because pages rank higher than blog posts.

3. Have a search bar on your blog. I highly recommend using a Google Custom Search for your blog so that you can promote your own content in your search bar. Certain keywords can trigger certain search results depending on what your reader typed in the search bar. Find out how to promote your blog posts in a Google Custom Search bar.

4. Add related posts to the end of every post. Or at least link to a related landing page on your blog. You can use a widget, add in manual text links to the end of each post, or provide clickable images to related posts.

5. Create a shop page for all of your freebies, books, and other products. Make it easy to find all of your products in one spot! I actually have a few different pages since I have so many varied topics on my blog: Free PrintablesOur Books, & Printable & Sensory Shop. I do plan to merge all of these pages at some point now that my blog has been redesigned.

6. Create a landing page for your newsletter subscription and subscriber freebie. Then share that page regularly on social media. The more traffic you get to your sign up page, the more potential subscribers you can get. You can see my subscribe landing page here.

How to Use Social Media to Work Harder for Your Blog

1. Install Facebook authorship for your blog. Your Facebook page will be linked to any posts shared as a link on Facebook (see photo below). Find out more about how to install Facebook authorship for your blog.

How to install Facebook authorship for your blog - And Next Comes L

2. Install Twitter cards for your blog. It's no secret that tweets with images perform better than text only tweets. Install Twitter cards so that each tweet of your blog links includes an image (see example tweet below). Find out how to install Twitter cards for your blog or if you use Blogger, here's how to install Twitter cards on Blogger.

3. Install Rich Pins for your blog. You can see the comparison of rich pins vs non-rich pins here. The latest update for the Pinterest app has a giant follow button for those pinners who have rich pins. Just as an extra incentive to get them installed I guess. Find out how to install rich pins for your blog.

4. Add Pinterest widgets to posts that have related Pinterest boards.

5. Install Conversions Box to get more Facebook likes. I get great results with Conversion Box, but I have decided to stop using it for now as I want to focus on growing my newsletter instead.

6. Make social media sharing easy on your blog by having social media sharing buttons that are easy to find. Include them at the top and bottom of every blog post. You could also try floating share buttons or hover pin it buttons.

7. Customize your Shareaholic to help you grow your Twitter following. Do you use Shareaholic? Find out how to tweak it so you can grow your Twitter following.

8. Create click to tweet boxes in your posts. Make it easier for your readers to share you content by having a tweet all ready for them with click to tweet boxes. All they need to do is click and send!

Want more blogging tips? You can find more blogging resources here.


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