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How to Use TheseReads to Boost Blog Traffic

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Are you looking for ways to increase your blog's traffic and pageviews?

Are you tired of playing Facebook's game?

Are you tired of tweeting and getting zero results?

Well, I'm going to introduce you to your new best friend...


Err...I mean TheseReads.

How to increase your blog traffic and pageviews using TheseReads

I'm going to apologize in advance for keeping TheseReads a secret from my most of my blogging friends. It was simply too magical to share. I just wanted to keep it all to myself because it is just that good. But, alas, I am telling you all about it because I think TheseReads is going to be a game changer for a lot of bloggers.


Because you won't have to beat your head against a wall to figure out how to increase its reach and engagement like you do with Facebook. And you don't have to hope and pray something will take off on StumbleUpon. And you don't have to craft the perfect tweet to send out over and over just to get a couple of clicks to your blog. 

TheseReads will provide you with traffic, plain and simple.

And it's going to be an invaluable tool for new bloggers because it's a quick and easy way to start getting pageviews to your blog.

How TheseReads has Increased my Blog Pageviews Dramatically

In terms of traffic referrals, here's how January 2016 has looked:

Traffic breakdown for January 2016: How to increase your blog traffic and pageviews using TheseReads from And Next Comes L

To break it down more specifically, here's the percentage of overall traffic referrals from each source:

  1. - 35.65%
  2. Direct - 24.11%
  3. Google - 7.87%
  4. - 6.16%
  5. - 5.98%
  6. MadMimi - 2.84%
  7. - 1.93%
  8. - 1.19%
  9. - 0.98%
  10. - 0.57%
Now a few important things to note about the above traffic referrals. I only started using TheseReads on the evening of January 6th. Also, I have a had a few really big Facebook shares this month. So I think it's entirely possible for TheseReads to move up into 3rd or 4th spot. Of course, I will be experimenting with its potential more over the coming weeks and months, but overall, I'm really thrilled with the results!

Another interesting thing to note is that TheseReads was in my top 5 or 6 traffic referrals within the first week of using it. That's just crazy good, especially considering that the time commitment is minimal. It's definitely been a great return on my time investment!

Now let's take a closer look at the traffic referrals from TheseReads. You can see how it can provide traffic all over the place, but the really low dips are days that I didn't have time to log into TheseReads and clip some posts of mine. So I'm guessing that the more you clip articles, the higher your traffic referral will be. Again, I am still experimenting and learning what is the best strategy.

Traffic stats from TheseReads: TheseReads profile: How to increase your blog traffic and pageviews using TheseReads from And Next Comes L

But how does TheseReads compare to other social media platforms like Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit, and/or Tumblr? 

Well, for January 2016, Reddit isn't even in my top 100 sources (I have been neglecting it!). 

Same goes for Tumblr, which I haven't touched since October 2015. 

StumbleUpon is referring about 0.22% and is in referral spots #33 and #51. 

Meanwhile, Twitter is sitting at #15 and #27 for referrals, providing about 0.57% of my traffic.

Oh and another thing to mention is that the bounce rate for TheseReads has been lower than most of the other social media platforms, which means that these readers are actually sticking around to read my blog! That's awesome news!

What Other Bloggers are Saying About TheseReads

And the great thing is that other bloggers are getting a similar result! I may have kept TheseReads secret from the blogging world for awhile, but I did tell my best blogging buddies about the site after experimenting with it for about a week. So I asked them to share their results as well. Here's what they had to say:

Blayne from House of Burke - "TheseReads is officially my top referral...has contributed to a THIRD of my traffic this month. Pinterest is #2, but TheseReads is outperforming it by like 3000 views!"

Laura from Lalymom - "Since becoming an approved referrer it has been my 6th highest referrer with 2% of my total traffic coming from TR."

Colleen from Sugar Aunts - "After just a few weeks of using TheseReads, the platform is my third highest traffic source."

Melissa from Fireflies & Mudpies - "TheseReads is currently my 4th highest referrer."

Lisette from Where Imagination Grows - "It's my 4th highest. 13%"

Jaime from FSPDT - "After using it for about a week it is already #9 in my referrals."

Alecia from Learning2Walk - TheseReads is currently her 6th highest traffic referral.

Danielle from Mom Inspired Life - "For the last two weeks, it has been #3 for me. Thanks again for telling me about it!" and yes, she has only been using it for two weeks!

Pretty incredible results, wouldn't your agree?

How to Use TheseReads to Increase Blog Pageviews

TheseReads is ridiculously easy to use. And the time investment is minimal. You simply clip articles (sort of like pinning something to Pinterest) either right from a blog or website or through the TheseReads dashboard. What's particularly awesome is that TheseReads grabs a photo for you and links it directly to the source. So you literally click clip and that's it. Easy peasy!

To clip directly from a blog or website, you just have to click on the "Add Link" feature in your dashboard (it was called Bookmarklet up until a few days ago). You'll be taken to a page like below. Simply drag the button to your bookmarks toolbar of your web browser and then you can click anywhere on the internet.

TheseReads settings: How to increase your blog traffic and pageviews using TheseReads from And Next Comes L

Here's what the dashboard looks like. You can see a list of feeds that I follow in the left sidebar, my profile with all of my clips in the middle, and a trending/recommendations sidebar on the right.

How to increase your blog traffic and pageviews using TheseReads from And Next Comes L

Every time you clip an article from a blog or website, their RSS feed gets added to the left sidebar, making it even easier to clip articles from the blogs you love! Just click on one of the feed names on the left to pull up their most recent posts. Then clip any that interest you. You'll also be prompted to share that clip on Twitter or Facebook, which is optional, BUT...

Check that Twitter box. Just DO it!

Here's why: when you cross-promote your clips from TheseReads on Twitter, it automatically shares a photo in the tweet. It has been proven many times that tweets with photos get way more engagement than text only tweets. And my followers engage with these tweets a lot! So you can also grow your Twitter account with minimal effort, which is an added bonus.

Tweeting your TheseReads clips: How to increase your blog traffic and pageviews using TheseReads from And Next Comes L

TheseReads is really just that easy to use. Seriously, go join and see what happens.

Oh and heads up, don't just clip your own content. You will get banned from TheseReads if you do! So spread the love around by clipping lots of great content from other sources! You can read more about TheseReads works, as well as their rules, in their FAQ.

Setting Up Your TheseReads Account

TheseReads is currently invite only so you have to request an invite to join. I was in within an hour, but there has been a lot of variation for my blogging friends who have joined. Head to TheseReads to request that invite!

When you join, you'll likely encounter two accounts tied to you. One is your personal account and one is your blog account. You cannot do anything on your blog account (and not sure if you ever will) because it is your blog's RSS feed. You can only control your personal account.

Here's a screenshot of my personal profile. You can see there's a link to my blog account (which again just appeared a few days ago - apparently they've been making lots of little changes lately!). You can see (and follow!) my personal account here and see my blog account here.

TheseReads profile: How to increase your blog traffic and pageviews using TheseReads from And Next Comes L

Now I'm going to briefly talk about the followers feature. I have been using TheseReads for just under a month and I have 1.43K followers at the time of publishing this post. You cannot see who follows you (although I do get email alerts of who does), which means TheseReads does not promote the whole follow/unfollow strategy that you often see on other social media platforms. It's kind of refreshing!

In your settings, there are a couple of things to be aware of. Under Settings > Profile, you will want to make sure the box "On the website, open links in pretty page" is unchecked. That way you will be directed to the actual blog post instead of viewing the clips in a plain, uncluttered RSS feed style manner.
TheseReads settings: How to increase your blog traffic and pageviews using TheseReads from And Next Comes L

Also, you will want to get approved as a publisher. To sign up, go to Settings > Publisher and fill that page in. Check the box shown below. Getting approved as a publisher will increase your chances of getting featured, which will also help increase your blog traffic.

TheseReads settings: How to increase your blog traffic and pageviews using TheseReads from And Next Comes L

You can also get a custom web address in your settings, which I highly recommend doing as well.

Follow Me on TheseReads

Since I'm giving you the scoop on how to use TheseReads, I would love it if you followed both accounts of mine.

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  1. I think you broke ThesReads!
    I'm getting an 'we need to upgrade the server' message... I think you sent way too many of us over for a look! LOL

    1. I saw that this morning too! I guess when I share something good with hundreds or thousands of people it's bound to get broken! haha oops!

  2. I was just thinking this past week that I needed to do a TheseReads tutorial. You beat me to it and did a great job! I LOVE TheseReads. Unbelievable traffic or not much time spent! Here's my page:

    1. Ha! Well, if it makes you feel any better, I discovered another blogger's post about thesereads after I hit publish on this one. Turns out she wrote about it two days before I did! Thesereads is slowly making its way across blogging circles it seems, but yes, the traffic is awesome considering the amount of effort I invest. Glad to hear you are getting similar results!

  3. Hi! I really liked this post and it has really helped. I have one question, though. When I add the badge to my blog, do I have it linked to my personal TheseReads page or to my blog's? I was wondering if you knew which one would be better or if there was even a difference. Right now I have it set to send traffic (potential followers) to my personal page.


    Kate |

    1. It really depends on your goal. If you want people to visit your blog, then go with your blog badge, but if you want others to see what other interesting content that you have to share, then the personal one might be better. Think of it like promoting your Pinterest profile (personal badge) versus your Pinterest blog board (blog badge). So I think it's a personal preference.