Hyperlexia Pen Pal Program

Do you have a child with hyperlexia?

If you do, then you already know that they need a bit of extra help with comprehension, WH- questions, and social skills. One recommended strategy for working on social skills with kids who have hyperlexia is to take part in a supervised pen pal or email pen pal program (source: Strategies for Working with Hyperlexia).

However, traditional pen pal programs that rely on traditional snail mail might not be a good fit for your child if they have fine motor delays or other issues with writing. As well, you might not be comfortable giving your home mailing address out to a "stranger" on the internet. Instead, an email pen pal program might be a better fit for your child!

Your child will get to interact with another child just like them! So let your child express their love for letters or numbers or maps because I'm sure J will happily return the favor!

How to Participate in this Program

To participate in this email program, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Have your child write an email addressed to Jalen at penpal@andnextcomesl.com. Just have your child introduce themselves and their interests. Or have them ask a few questions!
  2. Use the subject line PEN PAL so that it doesn't get lost in all of my other daily emails.
  3. Wait for my son to email your child back! Be ready to answer any math questions that he might include in his email responses...because that's what he is known for!