Simple eBook Template

Are you thinking of self-publishing an eBook this year? Are you overwhelmed with the overall design of the eBook? Worry no more because this free simple eBook template for Microsoft Publisher might be just what you need to finish and launch your eBook!

It's super easy to use and can be customized in just a few clicks. Just add your text and drag and drop in some photos and you'll have a polished looking eBook in no time!

Free customizable eBook template for Microsoft Publisher from And Next Comes L

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The Simple eBook Template

This book template is for you if:

  • You are interested in self-publishing an eBook. It is not a Kindle friendly template. 
  • Enjoy simple, drag and drop style templates
  • Struggle with design and formatting
  • You have Microsoft Publisher installed on your computer
  • You are attempting self-publishing for the first time, but are unsure where to begin
This particular template is books with lots of written text. However, it can be customized to meet your needs with just a few simple clicks.

The finished dimensions of this eBook are 8.5" x 11". You can see a finished sample of this eBook here.

Just simply click to add your own text and photos to the template and you'll have a bright, colorful book in minutes!

What's Included in the Simple eBook Template

You will receive a zip file that includes:

  • Detailed instructions (PDF file) on how to use the template, including how to change the color scheme of the entire document
  • One Microsoft Publisher file
You will need to have Microsoft Publisher installed on your computer in order for you to use this templats.

The template can be used for a traditional eBook, but is not Kindle friendly.

The finished book dimensions measure 8.5" x 11".

How to Download the Simple eBook Template

The simple eBook template is available for instant download for FREE. Just click the button below to start your download.

Reminder: The files are designed to be used with Microsoft Publisher.

First Time Self-Publishing? Get the Self-Publishing Workbook!

If it's your first time self-publishing, then you can pair your free template with a copy of How to Self-Publish a Book {eBook + workbook}, which will guide you through the steps of publishing, launching, and promoting your new book!


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