Friday, March 15, 2013

Shamrock Bleeding Tissue Paper Art for St. Patrick's Day

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While I was brainstorming another St. Patrick's Day craft, I came across this bleeding art technique using tissue paper.  We always have lots of tissue paper kicking around, so I thought it would be a great technique to try out.  But, of course, with a St. Patrick's Day spin!

K painting from And Next Comes L

Simple St. Patrick's Day Process Art Idea for Kids

Here's what you'll need for this simple process art craft:

  • Green tissue paper - All from my recycled tissue paper collection.
  • Water
  • Foam paint brushes
  • Large paper shamrock - Hand-drawn on some easel paper.
I taped the paper to the floor since easel paper has the tendency to roll up.  I laid the paint brushes and the cup of water next to it.  There was also a basket full of ripped tissue paper, which the boys helped to rip up into small strips and pieces.

Brothers working together on a shamrock bleeding tissue paper art project for St. Patrick's Day from And Next Comes L

The bleeding art technique goes as follows:

  • Paint some water onto the paper
  • Place some tissue paper onto the watered areas
  • Paint the tissue paper with more water
  • Let the finished painting dry completely (Ours dried out over night)
  • Remove the tissue paper from the painting
The idea is to cover the tissue paper completely so that the color bleeds out onto the paper.

K painting from And Next Comes L

J dumped out all the remaining water onto the art project, so it got pretty wet, but here's how it looked after the "painting" stage:

Close up of bleeding tissue paper art technique on a St. Patrick's Day craft from And Next Comes L

As I mentioned, I left the "painting" to dry over night.  Then it was time to remove the tissue paper.

K peeling off the tissue paper from And Next Comes L

When all of the tissue paper was removed, we were left with some beautiful colors on the shamrock.

Shamrock bleeding tissue paper art for St. Patrick's Day from And Next Comes L

I cut out the final product and J wanted to hang it on the mirror in our dining room, as seen below.

Shamrock bleeding tissue paper art for St. Patrick's Day from And Next Comes L

I love how simple this craft was and the results are so cool.  Both boys could easily participate in this craft, which is another bonus.

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Shamrock bleeding tissue paper art - a toddler friendly St. Patrick's Day craft from And Next Comes L
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