Printable Social Stories for Kids

Looking for printable social stories for kids? Here you'll find lots of free social story examples, as well as some paid social stories. There are even some social story templates to help you write your own.

Social stories were a total game changer for us. They have helped my son get through things like attending a funeral for the first time and managing the sensory overload that comes along with filling up the bathtub.

However, searching for the perfect social story can be quite time consuming. (Speaking from experience here).

And even then, you might not find the right social story. It might use clipart instead of real photos. It might be missing key steps like the one we had years ago that was missing the important step of flushing the toilet! It just might not be detailed enough.

Then there are social stories that are far from neurodiversity affirming and have not-so-great wording and text. Seriously, there are so many problematic social stories out there!

And sometimes you're just looking for an inexpensive or free option and it doesn't exist or is impossible to find.

So that's why you'll find tons of neurodiversity affirming social stories here (both free and paid). You'll also find tons of free options that you can use in a pinch or as inspiration to write your own. It's why you'll also find some templates for writing your own.

There are hundreds of printable social stories for kids below. So, you're bound to find something that fits your needs!

Printable social stories for kids, including free social stories & social story templates

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What is a Social Story?

Social stories are short narratives that describe a social situation, skill, event, or concept in a clear and structured way. They use illustrations or photos to support the text while explaining a particular topic in detail.

These social narratives can be used to guide a child through a new or unfamiliar situation, such as a birthday party or funeral, or teach a specific skill, such as putting on deodorant or toilet training. They can also be used to improve the understanding of different social cues and abstract social concepts.

Seriously, social stories are a great visual tool that can:

  • Teach different social skills
  • Reduce anxiety about a new or unfamiliar situation
  • Help with transitions
  • Break down a task into smaller steps
  • Improve communication (especially if they provide written scripts of things you can say)
  • ...and so much more!

For a more detailed description, as well as tips for writing your own social stories, read more here.

Social stories are a great tool to use with any child, but they are most often used with autistic kids. They're also really wonderful to use with hyperlexic kids, in particular, given that they are visual learners and that their strength is reading. So social narratives are a great way to lean into a hyperlexic child's strengths.

Now that you know what social stories are, let's take a look at some printable social story examples (some are free and some are paid).

Free Social Stories for Kids

Not only have I created lots of beautiful and comprehensive social stories with real photos myself, but I've also compiled a lot of roundups of free options so you don't have to scour the internet for hours to find a story you need. That's what you'll find in this section.

There are so many free social stories here. And there are always more being added. So, be sure to save this page and check back frequently.

Even More Printable Social Stories for Kids (aka The Not Free Section)

Didn't find what you were looking for yet? Then maybe one of these printable social stories will be what you need!

Topics in this section include: playtime skills, conversation skills, library skills, sensory processing, self-advocacy, coping strategies, emotions, regulation skills, and more!

The following stories are all written by me, use full color photos that show diverse children, include written scripts as needed, and are extremely detailed. Some are editable and others are not. They are all paid resources.

Free Templates for Writing Your Own Social Stories

Still didn't find exactly what you need above? Thinking about writing your own social narrative? Well, we've got a template for that...

Okay, I know there were a lot of printable social stories for kids here, but, hopefully, you were able to find one (or two or three...) that works for your needs.

Printable social stories for kids, including free social stories & social story templates

Printable social stories for kids, including free social stories & social story templates