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Looking for fun and educational activities for kids? You'll find hundreds of awesome play ideas here!

When I originally started this blog in 2013, I focused solely on sharing fun and educational play ideas for toddlers. Then activities for preschoolers. Then activities for older kids.

So needless to say, I've shared a lot of kids activities over the years. Like hundreds of activities. Almost too many activities to sort through. There's even been quite a few that I've forgotten about!

Thankfully, I've gone ahead and organized these awesome activities for kids into simple categories for you. You can browse by sensory play type, by the type of activity or skill you're hoping to target or develop, by special interests or passions, and/or by season.

Regardless, there's tons of great ideas here to help you play and connect with your kids, no matter their age or interests.

Fun and educational play ideas for toddlers and preschool

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Hundreds of awesome activities for kids and sensory play ideas