Welcome to And Next Comes L

Welcome to And Next Comes L, your go-to resource for all things hyperlexia. I'm Dyan (she/her), which is pronounced like Diane, and I'm passionate about educating people - just like you! - about hyperlexia.

A quick summary of who I am: Canadian mom of two with a B.A.H. in Psychology, married to her high school sweetheart, lover of nachos, video gamer, board game geek, avid book reader, former piano teacher with a variety of piano certificates and diploma under her belt, a lifelong learner, and someone who constantly has to correct people that, "It's Dyan, not Dylan. There's no L," which may or may not give you extra insight into the unusual website name...

Yeah...What's With the Name And Next Comes L?

I know, I know...And Next Comes L is a bit of an unusual name, but rumor has it that the L might stand for learning. Or maybe it stands for letters because, you know, hyperlexia?

Or maybe it's because I've had to deal with people inserting a random L into my name all my life (although I've had everything from Duan to Dryan at this point).

Anyway, the real story behind the name can be found here.

Unique names aside, hyperlexia is our focus here.

That's why the logo looks like something a hyperlexic toddler might write out on the floor using magnetic letters...and admit it, you probably even own letter magnets that look exactly like this (maybe two sets even). Just don't misplace any of those letters. I mean I'm still searching for a big green L that's been missing from my son's favorite set of abc toys for about 10+ years now. Seriously, what is it about the letter L?!

The ABCs of And Next Comes L (aka Our Core Values)

For a website about a hyperlexia, it makes sense to lean into the whole ABC theme, right? Well, that's why our core values are ABC themed.

🧠 Acceptance & inclusion

  • Neurodiversity-affirming and strengths-based approach
  • Using identity-first language as much as possible*
  • Prioritizing diversity and considering intersectionality to ensure that every family feels represented and that every child is embraced for who they are
  • Sharing positive narratives and imagery
  • Challenging stereotypes and myths
  • Providing information that helps you better understand, support, and advocate for neurodivergent learners
  • Encouraging authenticity by following the child's lead, embracing their interests, and leaning into their strengths

💛 Belonging & community

  • Helping you feel less alone and connecting with others who get it
  • Believing you when you say that your toddler can read (because I know not everyone else does!)
  • Creating resources that I wish I had when I first learned about hyperlexia
  • Empowering parents, professionals, teachers, and neurodivergent individuals
  • Offering supportive services for every stage of your journey
  • Creating a community of parents, professionals, and teachers who work together to support hyperlexic learners
  • Sharing plenty of free and affordable options for supporting you in your journey

📚 Curiosity & education

  • Encouraging continuous learning and unlearning
  • Helping connect the dots by getting curious, digging deeper, and trying new things
  • Providing educational activities and resources
  • Breaking down complex topics into easy to understand and digestible content
  • Sharing practical resources and ideas that are informed by the research
  • Offering a comprehensive range of resources to support the whole learner
  • Willing to make mistakes and grow from them (we all gotta start somewhere, right?)

*Some posts might use person-first language for search engine optimization purposes and to show my growth and development as I've learned and unlearned things over the years. Remember, we're all about learning around here.

Now, Since You're New Around Here...

First things first, be sure to grab the Hyperlexia Handbook to start learning about hyperlexia. Then take the quiz if you suspect that your child or yourself might be hyperlexic. Then join our community to connect with others who are learning about hyperlexia!

So, What Brings You Here?

This website is for anyone who is supporting a neurodivergent learner, but with a focus on hyperlexic learners in particular. So whether you are a parent, teacher, professional, grandparent, or hyperlexic/autistic/neurodivergent yourself, you're welcome here.

To get better acquainted with this website, pick a statement that best describes you.

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Dyan in the Media

A look at some podcast interviews that I've done about hyperlexia.

My published works include the following self-published books of children's activities (most are collaborative publications): 99 Fine Motor Ideas for Ages 1 to 5100 Fine Motor Ideas for Parents, Teachers, & Therapists, 35 Awesome Kinetic Sand Activities for Kids, and Pop! Squirt! Splash! Hands-On Activities for Kids Using Soap, Water, & Bubbles. I also wrote an article about hyperlexia titled My Baby Can Read, which was published in Homeschool with HSLDA Fall Volume 2 Number 1 (2015).