Welcome to And Next Comes L

As an autism and hyperlexia advocate, I'm passionate about helping overwhelmed parents (just like you!):

  • Make sense of your child's diagnosis and better understand what it means
  • Feel confident that you can adequately support your child and advocate for their needs
  • Embrace them for who they truly are (quirks and all!)

And Next Comes L is One-of-a-Kind!

What makes And Next Comes L unique is that you'll actually find resources, tips, and information about hyperlexia. Something that wasn't readily available when my son was diagnosed.

Obviously, the name is unique too.

So what's the deal with the name And Next Comes L anyway? Find out here.

But there's so much more to this website than hyperlexia resources and a pretty strange name...

A Manifesto of Sorts... 

I'm committed to being your go-to resource for all things hyperlexia, creating the resources and help that I would have wanted all those years ago. I want And Next Comes L to be that aha moment where you finally realize that, yes, THIS is what my child has!

I'm also committed to empowering and educating parents so that they'll feel less overwhelmed and more like "I've got this!" 💪

Because the truth is, you do. You just might not realize it yet.

It's why you'll find advocacy tips, personal stories, and little tidbits here and there to show you that you're not alone.

I'm also committed to making sure every family feels represented and that every child is truly embraced for who they truly are, diagnosis and all.

It's why you'll see a wide range of diversity in the stock photos I use in my social stories, printables, and social media images, opting for under-represented and marginalized populations where and when I can (I'm often limited by what stock photo sites offer though).

And it's why you'll see me embrace autism through the lens of neurodiversity.

It's why I also share activity ideas inspired by my children's passions and interests - from letters, math, traffic lights, Pokemon, and whatever else their future interests will be.

And finally, I'm committed to sharing a positive narrative of autism.

I mean there's already enough negativity and myths being shared about autism. You won't find that kind of negativity around here.

But this commitment is the reason why you'll see me favor words like autistic vs person with autism (although I do use both for search engine optimization purposes - basically so people can find autism parenting blogs like mine) and autism acceptance over autism awareness.

And it's why when I'm picking stock photos for autism articles, I'll opt for images with smiling faces and females because guess what...not just boys are autistic and autism isn't a burden or tragedy.

They are small, subtle things you might not notice, but it's something I am dedicated to and intentional about. Besides, these little details are what continues to set And Next Comes L apart from other autism websites.

Which of these statements describe you best?

But hold up - there's a lot here! Even I forget what is all on this blog of mine #TrueStory

So before I can give you a quick tour of this website, I first need to know a bit about you...

I am a parent

I am a teacher

I am a professional

I am a grandparent

I am an autistic adult

I am an autistic teen