Join the Hyperlexia Hub Community!

Join the Hyperlexia Hub Community!

Join our free hyperlexia community!

The Hyperlexia Hub is a unique community dedicated to providing support and resources to parents of hyperlexic children and hyperlexic individuals themselves. It's a safe and inclusive space to connect with others who just get "it." Create your free account or log in below. VIP memberships may be available in the future.

Who is The Hyperlexia Hub for?

💛 Anyone parenting or raising a hyperlexic child, whether that child's 2 or 4 or 14 years old

💛 Hyperlexic adults looking to connect with other hyperlexic individuals and/or who may want to act as parent mentor in the future

💛 Parents of hyperlexic children tired of the usual so-called "support" groups for autism or hyperlexia

💛 Hyperlexic adults who have wanted a support group for them, but haven't been able to find one

💛 Anyone who was a member of the old Hyperlexia + Autism Support Group and has been looking for an alternative since - welcome back!

💛 Parents of hyperlexic children who have felt out of place in parenting groups in the past and just wants something different 

💛 Parents and hyperlexic adults who need a safe place to talk about hyperlexia because they have no one else in their life who gets "it"

💛 Parents of hyperlexic children and hyperlexic adults who have always wanted to join a hyperlexia support group, but couldn't because they didn't have Facebook and that was the only available option...until now!

💛 Teachers, therapists, and professionals who work with hyperlexic kids who would like some support themselves. So yes, SLPs, therapists, OTs, teachers, BCBAs, etc. can join, but your account will be tailored to your unique needs and look different than parent/hyperlexic individual accounts (i.e., fewer features) as the focus is providing community to parents, caregivers, and hyperlexic individuals first.

What Makes this Community Different?

🔤 It's a community focused on supporting hyperlexic learners and their families, first and foremost

✔ It doesn't use Facebook so that means no ads (and no extra distractions!) too

🌎 Region specific channels to help you get support at a local level and connect with others in your region

👶 Age specific channels so you can chat potty training, transitioning to high school, etc. with people going through the same things as you

📅 Access to exclusive events and courses (both free and paid), with lots of other fun features planned

✨ Topic specific channels such as homeschooling, ask a hyperlexic, and AAC/nonspeaking

📃 Handy, dandy document and resource section

📱 You can access the community on your browser or with the Heartbeat app

🔊 Voice rooms where you can quickly connect with others for some live support (think of it like the community watercooler)

▶You can customize your experience by joining only the most relevant channels

🏆 A VIP tier (available in the future) that will allow you dig deeper into your knowledge about hyperlexia (think expert Q&A's, book club, exclusive events/courses, etc.)