Comprehension & WH Questions Resources

Looking for hyperlexia reading comprehension ideas and acitivites? You'll find lots of printable reading comprehension WH question resources below. 

Most kids with hyperlexia have comprehension difficulties, as do many kids with autism.

The resources found here will help teach your child comprehension skills by practicing WH questions, making predictions and inferences, and more.

You'll find lots of practical reading comprehension and WH questions printables and resources below and I hope you find them helpful.

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Tips for Teaching Comprehension

Practical tips, strategies, and advice to help build comprehenion skills.

Comprehension Activities, Games, & Printables

These printable resources are designed to build your child's comprehension skills.

Free Printable WH Questions Activities

Looking to work specifically on WH questions? These resources are designed to help build your child's confidence in understanding and answering WH questions.

Free Printables to Help with Making Inferences

Do you want to practice making inferences with your child? Try these free printables!



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