Hyperlexia & Hypernumeracy Resources

What is hyperlexia? Find out here with this huge collection of hyperlexia resources for parents and educators, including hyperlexia teaching strategies and hyperlexia intervention strategies.

When I first learned of hyperlexia in November 2014, I did what anyone would do. I googled it. Well, what a disappointing experience that was! It was so disheartening to see the lack of resources for parents with this particular "diagnosis." I finally had a word to describe my son, but felt just as lost as I had before.

After writing the post This is Hyperlexia, I've made it my mission to help fill this gap. I've slowly been writing, creating, and curating resources for parents like myself, as well as the teachers and professionals, who might be new to hyperlexia as well. 

It is my hope that this list of hyperlexia resources can help parents of children with hyperlexia connect with other parents, better understand a diagnosis that may be completely unfamiliar to them, and provide suggestions and strategies on how to best support these hyperlexic kids.

Hyperlexia - tips and resources for parents raising hyperlexic kids

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New to Hyperlexia? Start Here!

Did you just learn about hyperlexia and/or are curious about what hyperlexia is? Then these are the must reads when it comes to learning about hyperlexia.

Here are some other resources that are helpful if you are new to hyperlexia:

  • What is Hyperlexia? from the Canadian Hyperlexia Association (now defunct, but graciously hosted by Judy & David)

Ready to Learn Even More About Hyperlexia? Try These!

If you're ready to move beyond just a basic understanding of hyperlexia and dig into some research, then these are the resources for you!

Hyperlexia Teaching Strategies

These resources will help you understand how to best help and support the hyperlexic learner.

More Hyperlexia Resources on And Next Comes L

Of course, there's tons of other hyperlexia resources throughout my blog. A mix of personal stories, fun activity ideas, and what I hope is helpful advice. Not everything is linked here because, honestly, you'll find notes of hyperlexia weaved throughout lots of old blog posts (prior to J's diagnosis) that I haven't gone back through and tagged appropriately. But this list should keep you busy anyway!

Pamphlets, Research Articles, Newspaper Articles, & Bibliographies About Hyperlexia

  • What is Hyperlexia? from Judy & David - Another great brochure that gives a great definition and description of what hyperlexia is. It also includes some select strategies for helping children with hyperlexia.
  • Hyperlexia by Phyllis Kupperman, Sally Bligh, & Kathy Barouski - A lengthy read about hyperlexia, including discussion about the optimal components of classrooms for kids with hyperlexia.
  • What is Hyperlexia? from Autism Key - A brief definition and a thorough list of symptoms of hyperlexia.

Personal Stories About Hyperlexia

Online Communities for Parents of Children with Hyperlexia

Please note that I do not necessarily endorse the content found within the following support groups or the viewpoints of the admins or members of the support groups (with the exception of my support group because I monitor it closely).

  • Monthly Parent Support Group - Join us once a month live on Zoom to chat about all things hyperlexia. Parents, grandparents, and guardians welcome.
  • Hyperlexia + Autism Support Group - This group is now archived, but it was run by yours truly. If you're already a member, then you should be able to read all the posts and comments. Unfortunately, no new memberships will be approved at this time.

There are also groups dedicated solely to hyperlexia type 3 on Facebook, but, I'll be honest, I find these groups particularly toxic and negative. They're usually filled with ableist narratives and misinformation. As such, I no longer include direct links to these groups here.

Videos of Hyperlexia

Hyperlexia - tips and resources for parents raising hyperlexic kids