Hyperlexia & Hypernumeracy Resources

What is hyperlexia? Find out here with this huge collection of hyperlexia resources for parents and educators, including hyperlexia teaching strategies and hyperlexia intervention strategies.

I've already revealed that my oldest son has hyperlexia and hypernumeracy and that I was disappointed in the lack of resources for parents dealing with a new diagnosis.

Since publishing my This is Hyperlexia post, I've been trying to collect resources for parents like myself and for educators who will be working with a child with hyperlexia. Just like myself, my son's teacher had never heard of the term before either and as a result, she was unsure of how to help him be successful in the classroom.

It is my hope that this list of hyperlexia resources can help parents of children with hyperlexia connect with other parents, help parents understand a diagnosis that may be completely unfamiliar to them, and provide suggestions and strategies to educators who work with our amazing little kids with hyperlexia.

And of course, I also want to raise awareness for hyperlexia because most people, myself included up until November 2014, are unfamiliar with the diagnosis.

Hyperlexia - tips and resources for parents raising hyperlexic kids

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New to Hyperlexia?: Where to Start

Did you just learn about hyperlexia and/or are curious about what hyperlexia is? Then these are the must reads when it comes to learning about hyperlexia.

Here are some other resources that are helpful if you are new to hyperlexia:

Hyperlexia Teaching Strategies & Intervention Strategies

These resources will help you understand how to best help and support the hyperlexic learner.

More Hyperlexia Resources on And Next Comes L

Of course, there's tons of other hyperlexia resources throughout my blog. A mix of personal stories, fun activity ideas, and what I hope is helpful advice. Not everything is linked here because, honestly, you'll find notes of hyperlexia weaved throughout lots of old blog posts (prior to J's diagnosis) that I haven't gone back through and tagged appropriately. But this list should keep you busy anyway!

Fun Hyperlexia Activities & Play Ideas

Fun activity ideas for hyperlexic kids! This list is just a teeny tiny sample of what you'll find here. You can browse the activity section to find even more ideas!

Books About Hyperlexia

Pamphlets, Research Articles, Newspaper Articles, & Bibliographies About Hyperlexia

Personal Stories About Hyperlexia

Online Communities for Parents of Children with Hyperlexia

Please note that I do not necessarily endorse the content found within the following support groups or the viewpoints of the admins or members of the support groups (with the exception of my support group because I monitor it closely).

Videos of Hyperlexia

Hyperlexia - tips and resources for parents raising hyperlexic kids



  1. Thank you very much for these wonderful resources.
    They have really helped my Daughter, with hyperlexia, to improve her functional and receptive language.

  2. Hi Dyan. I cannot thank you enough or show my appreciation of how much your blogs and resources have helped us. We live in Kenya, and at around 2 years my daughter was labelled as autistic by the paediatrician.The OT then suggested she had severe SPD. She knew the whole uppercase and lowercase alphabet, phonics, numbers to 50, shapes and colours by 20 months. It was so frustrating explaining that she didn't fully fit the diagnostic criteria for autism (except for her speech delay and constant meltdowns) and that there was more going on. I searched for information but to no avail until I came across your site. And that was truly eye opening, although the medical professionals and many therapists are not aware of it. Our little one learns very quickly from educational videos and apps and can read, count forwards and backwards, skip counting, knows all shapes and many shades of standard colours, and the many other things. She goes to school part time to socialise with the kids and teachers and most of the time I home school her now. I'm truly stumped at times at how fast she progresses, but find such strength and encouragement, and of course the invaluable information, from your website, that I feel we are in a much better place now. Thank you!