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A Special Note About my Terms of Use for Distance Learning

I've gotten a lot of requests asking about whether or not my printables can be used in Google Classrooms, emails, etc. for distance learning. Normally, my printables are designed for personal use or single classroom use only, but it's hardly a normal time at the moment, right?

So yes, you may use my printable PDFs for distance learning as long as you aren't modifying or editing the original PDF and they are shared in a private setting such as an email or Google Classroom.

You may not upload the PDFs to a public space such as Google Drive or Dropbox account. And obviously, don't go around selling my printables. That's unethical and totally uncool.

What Do You Need Help With?

    • Please note that my name is Dyan, not Dylan. So if you're a brand that wants to partner up and you get my name wrong, I'm likely to disregard your email, plain and simple. The little details matter.