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To use this subscriber library, you must be a member of the Weekly Autism Planner newsletter. Please do not share this page or the password with others (you'll be helping me protect my work). Instead direct them to the sign up page found here.

The password for this page changes regularly and will be shared in the newsletter each week.


  1. I have been trying to download the social stories, but the website keeps telling me I do not have permission. Is there something wrong with the link?

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  3. I want to have access to the subscribers library but I do not see the passwords in your emails. I have received four emails about new resources,
    the last activity calendars but no password was mentioned. I know I'm signed up. I think I did it about ten times. Please help,
    I am really interested in your site and know it will benefit my grandson as well as the special needs patrons I work with. Thanks

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