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New to And Next Comes L? Welcome to a blog about hyperlexia + autism + other tales of learning. I share sensory resources, educational activities and crafts for kids, hyperlexia and autism resources, blogging tips, and more!

And Next Comes L?! That's a Funny Name...

You might be wondering what's up with my blog name. I know, I know...it's unique, but no worries, I explain it all here in What's in a Name? And speaking of names, my name is Dyan. You can find out how to pronounce my name and more on my about me page.

What You Will Find on And Next Comes L

I like to write about a lot of things, but I mostly focus on activities for kids, sensory hacks, hyperlexia resources, and autism resources. From time to time, I may blog about blogging, social media, food, or other DIY projects.

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  1. Thank you! Loads of great resources, especially language apps for the ipad & the pokemon printables.

  2. Dyan, is it possible that the "contact" is not working? Thanks

    1. It works for me. It will open up your email program with my email address. Hope that helps.

  3. Hello! I was looking at your music activities. I love giving children an opportunity to explore, as well! ...you might want to check out noteknacks.com, as I think you and I share the same philosophy in teaching...
    Thanks for all of your great info!