The Hyperlexia Handbook

Are you wondering what hyperlexia is exactly? Well, then this free ebook about hyperlexia is for you!

What is hyperlexia?

What are the signs of hyperlexia?

How can you help a child with hyperlexia at home or in the classroom?

Well, if you have ever asked any of these questions, then The Hyperlexia Handbook is for you. This free ebook is a quick introduction to hyperlexia and answers all of the above questions and more. It's a perfect little resource guide for parents and educators to learn all about hyperlexia.

What is hyperlexia? Find out with this free handbook for parents, teachers, and therapists

About The Hyperlexia Handbook

I originally released The Hyperlexia Handbook way back in 2015, but gave it a much needed overhaul in 2019 as I learned some new things and wanted to include more information.

Then, early in 2020, my blog got a bit of a redesign with a new logo. So I decided to update the handbook yet again to include even more information. And goodness, I'm in love with this latest version! I hope you love it as much as I do.

This 34 page PDF is intended to be a comprehensive guide to introducing you to what hyperlexia is (and isn't) and walking through some important things to know about the "diagnosis."

This handbook is designed to help you better understand:

  • What hyperlexia is
  • How a hyperlexic child learns best
  • How to support a hyperlexic child at home and in the classroom

It will also provide you with:

  • Practical strategies and tips
  • A detailed resource list to learn more and get support
  • Book recommendations
  • A list of helpful printable resources
It's meant to be your introduction to the world of hyperlexia. It's a perfect starting point for parents and teachers who are just discovering that their child or student is hyperlexic and are craving more information about hyperlexia in general.

How to Get Your Copy of the Free Hyperlexia Handbook

The Hyperlexia Handbook is a free ebook, which means you will receive a PDF copy of the book. That means you can read the book on any computer or mobile device or even print off a copy, if you'd prefer. Just fill in the form below.

Wondering what hyperlexia is? The Hyperlexia Handbook is a great introduction to what hyperlexia is (and isn't!) and it's free to download.


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