1:1 Hyperlexia Support Session

Book your one on one hyperlexia Q&A virtual support session

Need one on one support? I can help!

Have questions about hyperlexia that you can't seem to find answers to? I can help you better understand what hyperlexia is and how to best support a hyperlexic learner. Schedule a call with me and you can ask questions about:

  • Hyperlexia & autism, especially in childhood
  • Echolalia & gestalt language processing
  • How to seek professional support
  • How to discuss hyperlexia with family, friends, and the school
  • Best practices for supporting a hyperlexic learner at home, in therapy, or in the classroom

Important note: This service is for educational and information purposes only and does not substitute medical advice, assessment, or professional in-person consultation. And no, I cannot assess or "diagnose" hyperlexia.