While I was originally gifted with Chewigem products for this review, we continue to love the products 3 years later! Their chewies are some of the most durable ones to ever pass  J's chew test (he kind of destroys everything else out there!).

Where to Purchase Chewigem

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Chewigem products

Some of Our Favorite Chewigem Products

Here are some of our favorite Chewigems. These are the ones that have passed my son's rigorous chew test time and time again. They're the ones we can't live without!

1. Hexichew (rainbow snowflake pictured above)

My son's favorite! Not discrete as it's quite large so it's the one my son uses at home. We can usually get months out of these before he breaks the open ring parts. I like that we can hang this chewy up on a hook too.

2. Realm Ring (black ring pictured below)

This chewy is nice and flexible, but super durable. My son can jam this whole thing in his mouth, really getting some good proprioceptive input on his molars.

3. Button Pendant (green disc pictured below)

A strong round chew that my son hasn't been able to destroy even once. Not a super flexible chewy. Definitely a tough one.

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Chewigem products