Terms of Use for Printables & Resources on And Next Comes L

There are hundreds of printable resources, templates, and slide decks available throughout my blog and my shop. Regardless of whether it's free or paid, there are certain terms that you must follow. Please note that these terms of use may change at any time.

✔ YES, you can print off as many copies as you want.

✔  YES, you may use them for personal and single classroom use (including remote learning classrooms).

✔  YES, you can print and use with all of the clients and their families on your caseload. I don't currently offer a professional license, nor do I plan to any time soon.

✔  YES, you can print and use for events, goody bags, take-home bags, or similar if you are a non-profit or library (assuming you aren't removing any of the attribution or copyright info at the bottom of the printable).

✔  YES, please share a link to the original blog post, not directly to the PDF.

✔  YES, you can print, snap a photo of the printable, and show it off on social media. A link and/or tag is always appreciated when you do.

✔  YES, you can upload to Google classroom or use for teletherapy or remote learning.

❌ NO, you cannot sell or distribute my printables in other ways. That's unethical and totally uncool.

❌ NO, you cannot upload the PDFs to a public space such as a shared Google Drive or Dropbox folder. Private folders are totally fine though!

❌ NO, you cannot remove the copyright or attribution info found at the bottom of the printables.

❌ NO, you cannot copy and/or modify the printables (including translating them) unless you have written permission from me.

❌ NO, you cannot link directly to any of the printable PDFs. Please share a link to the original blog post instead.

If you're ever unsure of the terms of use, simply email me and ask.