Need Some Help?

Ah, shucks! I'm sorry to hear that you are having trouble downloading or printing my awesome printables (either free or paid) or you want to unsubscribe from something. But, I'm here to help! 

Here are some questions that are answered on this page:

  • How to access a paid printable from the shop
  • How to access the free printables
  • How to download the free printables from Google Drive
  • How to access the subscriber library
  • How to unsubscribe from push notifications
  • How to unsubscribe from emails
  • What are the terms of use for printables?
Please try the following options below before emailing me. Further instructions are included at the bottom of this page.

If you're just looking for terms of use for printables, you can read those here.

If you're curious about whether you can use one of my photos, you can read the copyright and disclosure policy.

How to Access a Paid Printable From the Shop

  • After you purchase something from the shop, you will receive instructions by email. Double check your spam/junk folders if you can't locate the email. 
  • My shop is hosted on Shopify, which allows you to create an account so you can access all your orders and paid printables from one location. You can always log in to access your paid printables at any time as well.
  • Still need help? Send me an email at Please include your order number when you email me.

How to Access the Free Printables

  • All printables are stored on Google Drive so when you access a printable on the blog, you will be redirected to Google Drive.
  • Please note that, if you are signed into multiple Google accounts on your device, you may be prompted to select which account you want to use first before seeing the printable on Google Drive.
  • In any post that mentions a free printable, scroll down towards the bottom of the blog post to locate a yellow sign up form or a giant link that says "click here to download the printable."
  • Most printables are free-for-alls. You simply click the download link in the blog post.
  • A few of the popular printables do require you to enter your name and email address, and yes, even if you're already a subscriber. The printables that require you to sign up are: The Hyperlexia Handbook, visual schedule, calm down cards, calm down hero story, lego emotions chart, and hyperlexia handout. For these printables, you'll be looking for a yellow sign up form.
  • As long as you enter the same email address each time, you won't be added to my email list more than once. 
  • After you enter your details, you will be automatically redirected to the printable immediately after filling in the form. So don't email me saying you never received the printable after entering your details because, like I said, it automatically redirects you to the printable after sign up...I also hand test all of these forms myself on multiple devices to ensure they are working properly so if they are in a blog post, they work.
  • If you filled in a sign up form, you will also receive the PDF via email in addition to be redirected to it after sign up.
  • Subscribers also have the option to access all the printables at any time via the subscriber library. You'll need the password to access the library, which can be found at the bottom of recent emails (effective October 30th, 2020).
  • While I want my files to be accessible to everyone, I do not email individual files, especially when there are already two options at your disposal (the subscriber library and the links in the blog posts).

How to Download the Free Printables from Google Drive

  • On a computer, click the down arrow in the top right corner to start downloading the PDF.
  • On mobile, click the three dots in the top right corner and then select download from the list of options.
  • Sometimes you might encounter spinning/loading errors, but if you just click the download button, it should still download the PDF for you (I've had confirmation from a few users that this works).
  • For most of the free Google Slides files, you will be prompted to make a copy and it will save a copy to your own Google Drive account. Then you can make as many copies as you need, edit them as you please, etc.
  • A few Google Slides decks are view only. You won't be able to copy or save them to your own Google Drive account. I recommend just bookmarking the page in these cases.

How to Access the Subscriber Library

  • The subscriber library can be found here.
  • You must be a subscriber in order to access the subscriber library.
  • The password can be found at the bottom of recent emails (effective October 30th, 2020).
  • Be sure to type the password exactly as you see it in the newsletters. It is case sensitive. Always double check that you are typing the password correctly. If you type it wrong, you'll end up on a page that doesn't exist.
  • Double check again that you typed the password exactly as shown. No, seriously. Most issues are due to mistyped passwords. Keep in mind, if you are on mobile, autocorrect might automatically capitalize the password.

How to Unsubscribe From Push Notifications

  • Are you signed up to receive alerts on your computer or device? No longer want to receive those daily little pop up notifications? You can find out how to unsubscribe here.

How to Unsubscribe from Emails

  • Option #1 (aka the best method): The easiest and quickest way to unsubscribe is to find a recent email from me and click the unsubscribe link found at the bottom of the email. It takes seconds to do and I'll never know that you want to break up with me.
  • Option #2 (aka the second best method): Respond to a recent newsletter of mine and kindly let me know that you want to unsubscribe. Then I'll click the unsubscribe link for you. But really, you may as well just do option #1 from above.
  • Option #3 (aka the slowest method): You can also email me at to be unsubscribed at any time. Make sure you include the email address that you want to be unsubscribed. You'd be surprised how many people email me asking to be unsubscribed and yet the email they send from isn't even on my list of contacts! Please note that this method is slower because I have to do it manually and I'm not always near a computer nor do I usually work on weekends. This method can take up to 72 hours or so depending on how busy my life is at the moment. That's why I say go with method #1.

What are the Terms of Use for the Printables?

  • Basic gist: don't modify, alter, remove the copyright, distribute in a public space, and/or sell my printables. If you're not doing any of that, then you're good to go. But you can read the full terms of use here for more details.

If you feel that you have tried everything here with no success, then please feel free to email me at

Please be specific about what issues you are experiencing, including type of device, browser, which printable, etc. Hard to help if you just send me a message that says ,"I cOuLdN't DoWnLoAd AnYtHiNg!" 🤷‍♀️ And if it's regarding an order from the shop, please include your order number.

And don't be rude when you do email me. I shouldn't even have to type that, but yet, here we are...