Hypernumeracy Resources

Hypernumeracy resources for parents.

If you have a child obsessed with numbers (maybe you even consider them gifted), then you are certainly in the right spot because there's a chance that they might have what's called hypernumeracy.

When my son was a toddler, he was obsessed with numbers and letters. But I didn't know there was a name for these passions of his. Turns out it's hyperlexia (for letters) and hypernumeracy (for numbers and math).

However, a quick google search will show you that there's not much information available on either of those topics, especially hypernumeracy in particular. And I'm trying my best to change that.

Which is why I present to you: my collection of resources, tips, and activities related to hypernumeracy.

Hypernumeracy resources for parents

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Hypernumeracy Resources

Is your autistic child obsessed with numbers? Then these resources are perfect for helping you get a better understanding of what hypernumeracy is and how you can best support the child "diagnosed" with it.

Fun Activities to Keep Kids with Hypernumeracy Busy

Tired of the same old number play with your child? Switch things up with these fun number and math activities. They're hypernumeric kid-approved.

Hypernumeracy resources for parents


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