Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Learning About Electronics With Circuit Playground

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Free printables for kids

Yes, my kids watch TV.  Probably more than they should.  However, if it's educational, I feel less guilty about the amount of TV they do watch.  They primarily watch videos from the Signing Time and Baby Signing Time Collection, but I am always open to new educational programs.

This morning my husband sent me an article about a new series of short YouTube videos called Circuit Playground that teaches kids about electronics.  The videos are being presented in alphabetical order, with the first video titled, "A is for Ampere."  It's just over three minutes long and features a cute blue robot.  J watched it with me this morning and instantly took to the robot.  I found the lady with the pink hair somewhat distracting and often spoke too quickly, but overall, I love the idea behind this series.  I think it's great that they are introducing children to scientific concepts like this in a fun, kid friendly way.  And I cannot wait to check out some more episodes with the kids.

Check out the video below and then tell me what you think in the comments.

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Free printables for kids


  1. I love this video!!!!!! :)
    I'm totally using these for my grade 6 electricity unit. They would be great lesson openers. :)
    I think video can play an important part in learning, if used correctly. They are a way for visual learners to learn as well as see things that we don't have in our backyards such as sharks or the planets.

    1. I agree that visual media can be a great way to learn about things around us. And glad I could help you with your lesson planning ;)