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Together Box {Review & Coupon Code}

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I'm going to make a confession.  

Yes, I, Dyan Robson, sometimes struggle to come up with creative ways to bond as a family through play.  

Phew.  I said it.  

And sometimes browsing Pinterest doesn't help either.  I either end up completely overwhelmed or find nothing that fits what I am looking for.  

I'm also willing to bet that I am not the only parent out there that has days like this.  

Well, that's where something like the Together Box can be an invaluable resource for parents.  The goal of the Together Box is to "make family together time easy."  Basically, you sign up to their subscription service and they send you a box filled with great stuff to do together as a family based on a theme.  Crafts, activities, games, and more!  All in one magical little box.

So when our Together Box arrived, I was pleased to see that the theme of the box was balloons!  
Balloons are awesome.  Balloons are fun.  And more importantly, the boys love balloons (see here).  So I knew that this Balloon Box was going to be an absolute hit.

Together Box logo

Please note that the Together Box was provided to me, free of charge, but all opinions expressed below are mine and were not influenced by the free product.

Literally everything you will need (except for water) is included in the Together Box.  Yes, tape, markers, food coloring, and even flour for the craft are included!  I was particularly drawn to their beautiful instruction booklet.  It is well laid out, easy to follow, and even includes a page for other fun balloon play ideas.

Inside the Together Box's balloon box from And Next Comes L

The first thing we did is the same thing we do every single time we play with balloons.  We blow them up and make noise with them!  J spent a good thirty minutes giggling while making the balloons sing.

J making noise with the balloons from And Next Comes L

J then decided that he'd like to try the balloon ninja game.  So I blew up five different colored balloons and drew some ninja faces on them.

Colorful balloon ninjas - a fun, active way for kids to practice colors from And Next Comes L

J also drew one of his own.  It's such a super cute ninja what with its button nose and all.  Aw...

Colorful balloon ninjas - a fun, active way for kids to practice colors from And Next Comes L

Daddy's job was to hang the balloons.  The only problem was finding the right place to hang them.  Unfortunately, our ceilings are primarily popcorn ceilings so tape does not stick to them.  Luckily, our basement does not have popcorn ceilings so we were able to hang them there.  Once the ninjas were happily lurking in our basement, I assembled the balloon marshmallow shooters for our ninja hunting.  The boys, however, found them challenging to operate so it was on to plan B.

Since the balloons were hanging low enough for the boys to jump and hit them with their hands, my husband and I would call out a color of a ninja and they would run and hit the corresponding ninja.  The boys played this game for an entire afternoon and were covered in sweat!

K hitting a balloon ninja from And Next Comes L

The boys also played hide and seek with the balloon ninjas later that day.  My husband hid them throughout the house and the boys had to search for the hidden ninjas.

There were also two balloon science activities included in this box, including balloon rockets...

K and his balloon rocket from And Next Comes L

J and his balloon rocket from And Next Comes L

...and a balloon water fountain!  K thought that the balloon water fountain was especially entertaining.

K checking out the balloon water fountain from And Next Comes L

K checking out the balloon water fountain from And Next Comes L

There are still many more ideas left to try out from the balloon box with lots of extra supplies to do so.  We were able to spread the activities contained in the box throughout a week and the boys certainly did not get bored and that's saying something because, well, they're two and four years old!  Attention spans of young kids are often fleeting.

The balloon box was a hit.  Here's what I liked about our Together Box:

  • It came with all the materials (and lots of extras!) needed for the activities and crafts.
  • The instruction booklet is beautiful and easy to follow.
  • It had a wide variety of activities to try, ranging from active indoor activities to crafts to science experiments.
  • The activities can easily be tailored to a wide range of ages.  Just like we did with the balloon ninja game!
  • It saved my sanity on a day where it was too bloody cold out to play outside!

Want to try out your own Together Box?  Head on over to the Together Box website, sign up to get a box using the coupon code next, and you'll instantly get $10 off!  See the shiny, informative coupon code button below if you are more of a visual person...TA-DA!

Coupon code for all And Next Comes L readers

What do you think?  What kind of themes would you like to see in a Together Box?  Tell me in the comments!

Balloon Fun!  Creating memories with the Together Box {review and coupon code} from And Next Comes L


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  1. Dyan,
    Thanks so much for sharing this. Going back to work in the fall has slashed my creative fun ideas. I need a day to just have some time to get somethings together...and well that doesn't exist. So it makes me feel better that you have those days too cuz when I look at your blog I think it must be fun central in your house all the time! :) (and how much I can't wait until summer)

    I love this idea of the together box. and the pictures were awesome. My favorite was the balloon ninjas! :)

    1. Trust me, I have plenty of days where I hardly have the energy to get dressed let alone play with the kids all day! And it certainly isn't fun central here all the time. And yes, why can't summer be here already? Like seriously...longest winter E.V.E.R.!

      The balloon ninjas were so much fun. I love J's ninja the best!