Wednesday, July 23, 2014

10 Ways to Play & Learn Using Magna-Tiles

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In our house, Magna-Tiles get played with every single day.

Over and over.

They are seriously the best toy ever for kids (see 7 reasons why they're a must own toy here) because they are easy to build with and are versatile. Here are 10 ways for kids to play and learn with Magna-Tiles.

10 creative ways for kids to play and learn with Magna-Tiles from And Next Comes L

This post contains affiliate links.

10 Ways to Play & Learn Using Magna-Tiles

Since my boys have been playing with Magna-Tiles nonstop since the day we got them, I decided it was finally time to roundup a bunch of awesome and creative ways to play and learn using them.  So here are ten awesome ways to play and learn using Magna-Tiles, including some ideas for the light table and overhead projector.

1. Exploring Symmetry with Magna-Tiles and a Mirror - It's amazing how adding something as simple as mirror can drastically change playing with any type of materials.  

2. Happily Ever Mom shares this awesome light table idea using Magna-Tiles.  Read how to make Shape Puzzles on the Light Table. (pictured below)

Shape puzzles on the light table

3. Transform your light table into a giant soccer field with this beautiful Soccer Light Table Play invitation.

4. Create some art by trying this Printmaking with Magna-Tiles idea from Atelierista.  It's seriously the most unique way to play with Magna-Tiles that I've ever seen!

5. I love this simple Water Beads and Magna-Tiles on the Light Table invitation from Caution! Twins at Play.  It's such a neat way to combine colors and textures. (pictured below)

Magna-Tiles and waterbeads on the light table

6. Round up some translucent game board pieces to try Recreating Shapes on the Light Table.  It works great off of the light table too!

7. Take advantage of beautiful natural light by Building Stained Glass from Happily Ever Mom.

8. Combine art, science, and math with this 3D Shape Building on Windows activity.

9. Light up the room by using Magna-Tiles and Loose Parts on the Overhead Projector from Caution! Twins at Play. 

10. Blast off into outer space with these awesome Tin Can and Magna-Tiles Rockets. (pictured below)

Tin can rockets from And Next Comes L

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