Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Lavender Scented Beans Sensory Bin

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Looking for calming sensory activities for kids? Try this lavender scented beans sensory bin and learn how to dye beans for sensory play.

Calm and kids don't seem to's practically an oxymoron.

But sensory play can have a calming effect on kids, especially when it's paired with a calming scent like lavender. 

Well, at least that's the thought I had when I made these lavender scented beans for sensory play.

So if you've been searching for calming activities for kids, then you'll definitely want to try making this beans sensory bin.

Lavender beans for sensory play

How to Dye Beans for Sensory Play & How to Make them Scented!

To make lavender scented beans, I put navy beans and 4 drops of lavender essential oil into a resealable plastic bag. 

I also added some color to my beans by using this dyeing method from Fun at Home with Kids. Unfortunately, I ran out of purple food coloring so I had to improvise with other colors. That's why my beans aren't uniform in color. 

Anyway, they totally smell amazing even if the color isn't quite perfect. Besides, the kids don't care. They were still a blast to play with!

Sensory bin beans that are lavender scented

How to dye beans for sensory play that are lavender scented

This Lavender Beans Sensory Bin is Perfect for Toddlers & Preschoolers

I paired this sensory bin filler with some measuring spoons and plastic cups for the boys, hoping they would engage in some quiet, calm sensory play. 

And guess what?! It totally worked! For once, the sensory filler wasn't tossed around like we were celebrating someone's birthday. Instead, simple scooping, pouring, and measuring took place. Some bean sandcastles were also attempted, but, of course, they didn't turn out like J had hoped.

Child playing with a beans sensory bin

Child playing with a beans sensory bin

K insisted on helping me get some close up pictures of the lavender scented beans.  He made sure I took lots of pictures of the beans he scooped into his cup!

Toddler playing with sensory bean bin

Toddler playing with sensory bean bin

Toddler playing with sensory bean bin

I think K wants you take a whiff of these lovely lavender beans.  Too bad computer screens aren't equipped for scents yet, hey?

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Lavender scented beans sensory bin - a simple calming sensory activity idea for kids!