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50+ Incredibly Creative Music Activities for Kids

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Looking for some creative musical activities for toddlers and preschoolers? Try some of these awesome music activities and music games for kids.

We're passionate about music here. So passionate that we have done over 50 music activities for kids, including sensory bins, music crafts, and music theory games. 

From babies to toddlers to preschool and up, you are bound to find some wonderful, simple, and engaging music activities on this list. 

These simple, yet engaging, music activities will keep the kids busy indoors and out while helping them learn about music notation, tempo, rhythm, music theory, instruments, and more!

50+ music activities for kids

Fun Musical Activities for Kids

These activities focus on teaching kids how to read music, learn music notation, explore rhythm and tempo, and even explore composition and music appreciation!

1. Boys and girls alike will not realize that they are learning to read music with this music theory car game.
2. You won't find a prettier way to learn music theory than this music theory with mirrors activity.
3. Want to introduce chords to your kids? Try one of these 5 activities to teach kids about chords. There's even two free printables!
4. This homemade grand staff game is versatile and yet so easy to make!
5. Use the light table to introduce music notation to kids with this simple music note matching game.
6. Don't worry if you don't have a light table. You can try this music note sorting game instead!
7. This Montessori-inspired rhythm building music tray is a great way to explore rhythms.
8. My boys love these ridiculously simple drum games. They are perfect for exploring tempo in music!
9. Even toddlers can compose music! Find out how we used stickers to compose music.
10. Introducting chords to kids is so simple with this snowman chords printable.
11. Maybe you have a LEGO lover in your house? Then try building chords with LEGO using our free printable.
12. Grab some stickers and you'll see it's easy to teaching toddlers & preschoolers how to play chords on the piano.
13. Kids will love learning about the famous "Flight of the Bumblebee" song with this Flight of the Bumblebee music appreciation unit.
14. Learn about composers with these DIY composer puzzles.

Outdoor Music Learning & Homemade Instruments

Get the kids moving outdoors with these outdoor music ideas and homemade instruments.

1. Our DIY recycled outdoor music station takes only a few minutes to set up and isn't a permanent fixture!
2. There's no better way to beat the heat in the summer than this musical science pool activity.
3. Grab some chalk and try one of these 5 activities to learn music theory using chalk.
4. Build a giant homemade rainbow xylophone using our tutorial.
5. One of my favorite music activities is this giant chalk keyboard. Such a fun way to explore music and get the kids moving!
6. Our DIY Tin Can Drum is a great instrument craft for kids of all ages!
7. Try this xylophone hopscotch activity as a way to explore instruments and teach your child how to spell their name!
8. Make some homemade shaker eggs.

Other Music Activities for Kids

From sensory play to science to fine motor, here are some wonderful music themed activities.

1. For a music twist to a science activity, try this music themed invitation to explore magnets.
2. Learn about instruments with this piano look-alike music sensory bin.
3. Create some rainbow drums on the light table. They're pretty and just a wee bit noisy!
4. Develop your child's ear with this simple Montessori inspired sound matching hearts game.
5. Work on fine motor skills with this music themed cutting tray.
6. Glow stick drumming is a great boredom buster and requires zero prep.
7. One of my favorite music activities ever is this music themed sensory bin. Even my cat couldn't resist it!
8. Play musical hide and seek and get the kids moving and listening.
9. Fine motor skills and destruction! These baked cotton ball music notes were a blast for my boys.
10. Learn about instruments with the Symphony in B.

Music Themed Art & Crafts for Kids

Feeling crafty? Then try one of these music themed art projects!

1. Try making this simple xylophone tape resist art. Even babies can participate!
2. Transform some sheet music into an adorable bee craft with this painting to music bumblebee craft.
3. I love how this music tape resist art turned out!

Homemade Music Games for Kids

Kids will love learning about music with these simple homemade music games.

1. These DIY music rocks are a great way to learn about music notation, make rhythms, match, and more!
2. Introduce kids to instruments, music notation, and more with this DIY music matching game.
3. With a focus on color matching, this xylophone game is super fun for kids.
4. This guitar string counting game is a cute math game that gets kids counting and drawing.
5. This homemade grand staff game can be used for some many music activities. You'll definitely want to make one.
6. Grab some craft sticks and make some DIY composer puzzles.

Gross Motor Music Games for Kids

Get the kids moving and learning about music with these ideas.

1. My boys had a blast with this homemade glowing floor piano.
2. No prep music making at its finest, this Bucket drumming & stomping activity will certainly burn off your kids' energy!
3. Why not enjoy some music play on the overhead projector?
4. Hop, jump, and learn with this giant chalk keyboard.
5. Or try hopping and learning with this xylophone hopscotch idea instead.

Music Themed Quiet Book Ideas

If you're a fan of the blog, then you know I love to sew quiet book pages. Here are some of my music themed ones. And don't worry if you can't sew! All of these pages could easily be made with some felt and hot glue gun.

1. This xylophone quiet book page is a great way to explore music and to learn about shapes and sizes. It's so colorful too!
2. This piano quiet book page comes with a free printable pattern.
3. Babies and toddlers alike will love this jingle music note quiet book page.
4. With pluckable strings, this guitar quiet book page is super cute!

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