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The Hyperlexia Handbook {free eBook}

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What is hyperlexia? What are the signs of hyperlexia? How can I help a child with hyperlexia at home or in the classroom? Well, if you have ever asked any of these questions, then The Hyperlexia Handbook is for you. This free eBook is a quick introduction to hyperlexia and answers all of the above questions and more. It's a perfect little resource guide for parents and educators.

The Hyperlexia Handbook {free eBook} - a resource guide for parents & educators from And Next Comes L

When I first wrote about my son's hyperlexia, it was my intention to turn my blog into a hyperlexia resource hub. And according to the many emails that I have received, many other parents and educators are thankful for what I have already shared here on the blog. Yet, sometimes, it's nice to have everything easily accessible in one short little eBook. Something that you can quickly peruse and learn as much as you can in a short time frame. So The Hyperlexia Handbook is the result.

What You Get in this eBook

In this eBook, you will get:

  • A definition of hyperlexia
  • A list of the common signs of hyperlexia
  • Information about the three proposed types of hyperlexia
  • A visual look at what hyperlexia looks like
  • 13 strategies to implement at home as a parent
  • Links to other great hyperlexia resources
  • 15 strategies to implement in the classroom as a teacher
  • Exercises for parents to try as a way to further explore hyperlexia
  • Links for further information (where appropriate) 
  • Access to lots of free printables that are helpful for children with hyperlexia

How to Get Your Copy of The Hyperlexia Handbook

The Hyperlexia Handbook is a free eBook, which means you will receive a PDF copy of the book. That means you can read the book on any computer or mobile device or even print off a copy (although you'll miss out on all the interactive links)!

The Hyperlexia Handbook {free eBook} - a resource guide for parents & educators
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