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Top 10 Posts of 2015

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Free printables for kids

Hard to believe that 2015 is already come and gone. It went by way too fast, but I am excited to see what 2016 holds for me, my family, and my little old blog. So here are the top 10 posts of 2015 on my blog. It includes sensory play ideas for kids and lots of autism resources. Enjoy and Happy New Year to you!

The best of And Next Comes L in 2015: sensory play ideas, quiet book patterns, and autism resources

1. Quiet Books: A Guide to Making One of Your Own - Not surprised that this post is number one yet again. It has always been the most popular post on my blog from the moment that I published it. To complement its popularity, I began publishing printable quiet book patterns including The 3 Day No Sew Quiet Book Patterns and the No Sew Christmas Quiet Book Pack. These patterns were wildly popular so expect more in 2016!

Quiet book guide from And Next Comes L

2. Free Printable Visual Daily Schedule - This free printable visual daily schedule has helped thousands of families over the years, so it's no surprise to find it in the top 10 for 2015. I did add some new cards to the packs, including a set of blank ones to write on, but I am no longer adding new cards for download. It's simply too hard to create every single possibility that families need.

Free printable daily visual schedule for kids from And Next Comes L

3. 25 Sensory Hacks for Kids - If you have been reading my blog for awhile, then you've likely noticed that I love a good DIY project, especially when it comes to vestibular and proprioceptive sensory toys and tools. So I rounded up some of my absolute favorite sensory hacks into this post and it quickly went viral.

25 Sensory Hacks for Kids from And Next Comes L

4. This is Hyperlexia - November of 2014 lead to my discovery of hyperlexia and I immediately pledged to help raise awareness for it. I just knew that there had to be other families experiencing the same challenges as we were and it turns out there are. I have received the most wonderful comments, emails, and messages as a result of this post. It also lead to my first published magazine article!

What is hyperlexia? from And Next Comes L

5. Edible Sludge Sensory Play - This post is one of my favorites simply because I am super proud of the photographs it contains. I think the eye catching photos are the reason why this post is so popular to begin with. Regardless, edible sludge is a messy sensory delight that is safe for kids of all ages.

Edible sludge sensory play from And Next Comes L

6. DIY Light Table Kit - I put together this DIY light table kit as a Christmas gift for a local charity. It focuses on using dollar store supplies and DIY light table accessories, making it an affordable sensory gift idea for kids.

DIY light table kit for kids from And Next Comes L

7. Sensory Play Guide: How to Dye Sensory Bin Fillers - Apparently I'm not the only one addicted to brightly color sensory bin fillers as evidenced by the popularity of this post. So if you've been wondering how to dye certain sensory bin fillers, then this post is for you!

How to dye sensory bin fillers from And Next Comes L

8. Oral Motor Sensory Activities for Kids with Free Printable - Chewing is a constant struggle in our house. My son chews on everything from zippers to toys to marker lids. Just the other day he freaked out because he swallowed a small piece of tape that he was chewing. I didn't even know he had the piece of tape! Sigh. So this list of oral motor sensory activities provides lots of great ideas for giving kids, like my son, the oral motor sensory input that they crave.

Oral motor sensory activities for kids from And Next Comes L

9. Homemade Stretchy Resistance Bands - These stretchy bands are ridiculously fun to play with and super easy to make, so no wonder they're in the top 10 blog posts for the second year in a row.

Homemade stretchy resistance bands from And Next Comes L

10. Starting Piano Lessons: When is a Child Ready for Piano Lessons? - To be honest, I'm surprised to see this post ranking in the top 10 of 2015, but I can see why it would be. It offers great suggestions and tips straight from a piano teacher - me!

8 signs that your child is ready for piano lessons from And Next Comes L

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