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Being a Good Sport Hidden Rules Social Skills Printable

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When it comes to teaching social skills to my son with hyperlexia and autism, we rely on a lot of direct teaching methods such as social stories, modeling, and printable games and activities. I like to make sure to teach him the hidden rules of social behavior directly, especially since he is such a literal thinker. It helps to turn an abstract concept, such as being a good sport, into more concrete steps, actions, and phrases for him.

This free social skills printable about the hidden rules of being a good sport is a simple, but effective way to explore the expected and unexpected behaviors involved in being a good loser and showing good sportsmanship.

Free hidden rules social skills printable about how to be a good sport and a good loser from And Next Comes L

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About this Hidden Rules Social Skills Printable

Kids with hyperlexia and/or autism need to be taught social skills directly. They often struggle deciphering what the expected and unexpected behaviors are surrounding social situations. I particularly like to use the language of expected versus unexpected instead of good versus bad, thanks to the Social Thinking Curriculum, which is why you will see that language used on this printable.

Simply print, cut, and laminate (optional) the behavior cards and the sorting chart. Then work together with your child to sort the behaviors into what is expected when it comes to being a good sport or a good loser and what is not expected. Be sure to discuss why the behaviors go into which category.

With enough practice, hopefully the understanding of these expected and unexpected behaviors can transfer over and become well-learned social skills for your child.

This “hidden rules pack” references vocabulary from Social Thinking®, which is a teaching framework originated by Michelle Garcia Winner, consisting of the Social Thinking Vocabulary, social concepts and strategies, original characters, and curricula with specific materials geared to different age ranges spanning preschool children to adults. Learn more at This printable pack is not affiliated with, nor has it been reviewed, approved, or endorsed by Michelle Garcia Winner and Think Social Publishing, Inc.

Download the Free Printable Being a Good Sport Hidden Rules Printable

This printable is three pages long. You can grab your copy below.


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Hidden rules social skills printable for kids

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