Thursday, January 25, 2018

10 Classic Video Games to Play with Your Kids

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Relive your childhood by playing some of the best NES and SNES games with your kids. This list of classic video games to play with your kids is a great starting point (and a great way to revisit your memories of "Nintendo thumb").

It's no secret that our family loves to play video games.

In fact, I grew up playing them and my parents actually owned a movie and video game rental store so we had access to all the coolest games. My husband and I even have all of our old consoles too. So every so often, we dust them off and enjoy some of our favorite games with the kids.

The kids think it is awesome. I also think they find the simplicity of these retro games, as well as the simplicity of the controllers, appealing.

List of classic video games to play with your kids from And Next Comes L

The Best Retro Video Games Your Kids Will Love to Play!

Whether you are a seasoned gamer or a casual gamer, this list of classic video games is sure to delight you and your kids! From playing Super Mario Bros on the original NES to racing games on the SNES, you're going to enjoy this blast from the past!

Who knows? Maybe your childhood favorites are on the list!

List of classic video games to play with your kids from And Next Comes L


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Free printables for kids


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