Thursday, March 14, 2013

Soap Foam Bath Paints

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I came across this blog the other day and instantly fell in love with it.  When she posted about soap foam, I just knew I had to try it.  However, white is boring and wouldn't work for what I had planned.  So her post inspired me to make some colorful bath time paint.

Soap foam bath paints

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How to Make Soap Foam Bath Paints for Kids

Here's what you'll need to make soap foam bath paints:
I mixed the soap and water together in a bowl using an electric mixer until it was nice and foamy.  My measurements are approximate since I tend to eyeball things instead of using measuring cups. 

Then I spooned the mixture into the muffin tin, added a tiny amount of food coloring to each cup, and stirred. The longer you mix it, the foamier it gets. I discovered after our third batch (yes, J wanted to do it that many times in a row) that I didn't make the original batch foamy enough. It almost looks like shaving foam if you mix it longer.  However, I found that the lighter foamy texture of the original batch was perfect for painting the bath tub with.

Close up of the "paint"
I put the muffin tin and paint brushes in the bath tub, without water.  You can certainly do this activity with water in the tub since the muffin tin will float.  And you can certainly use these "paints" as finger paints.

The boys started painting the walls, the tub, and eventually themselves.  J, of course, practiced writing some numbers.  And K even gave the "paint" a taste, which is why you should use a nontoxic soap and as little food coloring as possible.

They started to mix the colors
K rubbing the soap foam in his fingers
K's painted little toes
Just an idea of how messy things got

Once they were good and messy, I filled the tub with water to clean both the tub and their messy little bodies.  J, however, wanted to "paint" two more times after draining the bath tub.  I guess that means we will be doing this activity quite a bit in the future.

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