Sunday, March 10, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Inspired Salt Tray

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Fall activities for kids

We tried out a salt tray for the first time the other day and it was a huge hit with J, who spent over an hour drawing in it.  I knew I needed to invest in a bigger tray if we were going to do this activity again.  Fortunately, I found a huge white tray at Dollarama for $2 that I knew would work perfectly.  The only downfall is that the tray is white and so is salt.  So I decided to make some colored salt and with St. Patrick's Day just around the corner, it just made sense to make green salt.  It turned out to be the perfect St. Patrick's Day inspired prewriting activity for J!

St. Patrick's Day inspired salt tray for prewriting practice from And Next Comes L

To make some green salt for the St. Patrick's Day salt tray, I put table salt and some green food coloring into a plastic zipper seal bag.  Then I shook the bag until the salt was evenly colored.  After I placed the salt in the tray, I drew a shamrock in the salt.

J mark making in the St. Patrick's Day inspired salt tray from And Next Comes L

J loved having a bigger surface to work with.  He practiced writing numbers (surprise, surprise), but he did some handprints in the salt as well.  He also enjoyed making multiple hand prints to count.

Handprint in a St. Patrick's Day inspired salt tray from And Next Comes L

Handprints in a St. Patrick's Day inspired salt tray from And Next Comes L

I love how versatile the salt tray is.  And it is easily becoming one of J's new favorite things to play with.

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St. Patrick's Day inspired salt tray for toddlers and preschoolers from And Next Comes L
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Fall activities for kids


  1. Great activity!! Can't wait to try some of these with the boys!!

    1. It has definitely been a hit here so I hope you guys enjoy it too!

  2. How long do you let it dry out for

    1. It doesn't take long to dry at all. Maybe a few minutes. It really depends on how much coloring you add.