Monday, March 18, 2013

Telephone Quiet Book Page with Mini Photo Phone Book

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A cute telephone quiet book page idea for a DIY quiet book.

Of all the quiet book pages that I have made, the most loved have been the telephone pages. Unsurprising now that I know that my oldest son has hyperlexia and hypernumeracy. So of course he'd love these pages, what with all those numbers and whatnot.

So if you're looking for interactive pages to make for your child's quiet book, then you've got to try making your own version of these phone book and telephone quiet book pages. They're tons of fun for toddlers and preschoolers. Plus they encourage lots of imaginative play.

How to Make the Telephone Quiet Book Page & Mini Photo Phone Book

Since these quiet book pages was made before I started my blog, I don't have any step-by-step pictures. Nor will I provide step-by-step instructions. Instead, I am providing a brief description of how it looks and what supplies were used.

To make the phone page, I used felt, foam number stickers, a ribbon (I wanted to use a curly shoelace, but never bought one), velcro dots, and some batting. I freehand cut the shape of the telephone and its base, but you could sketch it out first on paper to make a pattern if needed.

The phone receiver is stuffed with batting so that it can actually be held without flopping around. It also attaches to the page using velcro dots so that it looks like the phone is hung up when not in use. I used a combination of sewing and hot gluing for this page. The velcro dots and foam numbers, for instance, were attached using hot glue. But the outer phone base, for example, was sewn.

I think it would have been fun to make a rotary phone instead too. I remember loving rotary phones as a child myself and I know my kids would have too. Anyway, here are some close ups of the finished telephone quiet book page.

Now, of course, the kids needed a phone book filled with numbers that they could dial on their new felt telephone. So I put together a mini phone book page.

This quiet book page was made using felt, foam alphabet stickers, small binder rings, contact paper, and cardstock. I made business card size pages by printing pictures of family members, along with their name and phone number, onto cardstock. I even made a page for emergency (911). 

Then I "laminated" the cards using the contact paper, punched holes in the cards, and used the binder rings to secure the pages into a little book. I had originally used ribbon, but the pages wouldn't turn properly. The binder rings also allow me to add extra pages if we need to.

The cover for the phone book was a long rectangular piece of felt. I hot glued the back cover of it to the main page.

Here's how the phone book page turned out. 

Why These Quiet Book Pages are Awesome!

These pages are great for all sorts of imaginative play. For instance, my youngest K loves to flip through the phone book or pick up the phone and say, "hi." I mean just look at him below. My oldest son J loves to name the people in the book, dial their phone number, and then have imaginary conversations with them. 

These pages are also great for teaching kids numbers and social skills. And that little phone book? It helps your child learn who certain people are in the family, as well as their phone numbers (which will become important as they grow older).

As an added perk, if our quiet book ever gets misplaced or lost, then someone would know who to call in order to return it to us since it has our phone number inside. So that's awesome too. I think it makes a great addition to one's own personal quiet book.

Anyway, it's pretty cute to watch my kids flip through the personalized phone book and dial away on the telephone quiet book page.

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