Monday, March 18, 2013

Telephone Quiet Book Pages

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Of all the quiet book pages that I have made, the most loved have been the telephone pages.
Telephone quiet book pages

How I Made It
I won't provide step-by-step pictures or instructions as I didn't take any.  Instead, I am providing a brief description of how it looks and what supplies were used.

The phone was made using felt, foam stickers, a ribbon (I wanted to use a curly shoelace, but never bought one), velcro, and some batting.  The phone receiver is stuffed with batting so that it can actually be held without flopping around.  The phone attaches to the page using velcro so that it looks like the phone is hung up when not in use.  I hot glued the foam numbers on.
Close up of the phone when it's off the hook
The page with the phone book was made using felt, foam stickers, small binder rings, contact paper, and cardstock.  I made business card size pages by printing pictures of family members, along with their name and phone number, onto cardstock.  I even made a page for emergency (911).  Then I "laminated" the cards using the contact paper.  I punched holes in the cards and used the binder rings to secure the pages.  I had originally used ribbon, but the pages wouldn't turn properly.
How the pages look
Why We Love These Pages
These pages are great for all sorts of imaginative play, as well as for learning and recognizing numbers.  The little phone book helps them learn who certain people are in the family, as well as their phone numbers.  I hope that the boys will eventually memorize these phone numbers, which will become important as they grow older.  It also ensures that if the quiet book ever gets left behind somewhere, someone would know who to call in order to return it.

K loves to flip through the phone book or pick up the phone and say, "hi."
J loves to name the people in the book, dial their phone number, and then have imaginary conversations with them.
J dialing a phone number

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Free printables for kids


  1. I love this! I'm definitely making one for our airplane ride to Grandma's this summer!

  2. This is amazing! Wow! I am so impressed with your creativity! :)