Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wobbly Easter Egg Spoon Balancing Activity

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You may be familiar with the walking while balancing an egg on a spoon activity.  Well, we put a twist on it by using our Wobbly Easter eggs. Turns out it's the perfect Easter themed boredom buster for toddlers and preschoolers. It requires quite a bit of focus and concentration so it can be quite challenging!

K balancing wobbly Easter eggs on a spoon from And Next Comes L

Easter Activity for Kids: Wobbly Easter Egg Boredom Buster

Here's what we used for this activity:

Encourage your child to walk while holding the egg on the spoon.

For older kids, you could even try getting them to transfer an egg back and forth between two spoons. Or try smaller spoons. However, we used large wooden spoons for this activity because they fit the size of the eggs better than regular tablespoons would have.

Balancing wobbly Easter eggs on a spoon from And Next Comes L

K was so mesmerized by this activity! When it comes to toddlers, simple is always the way to go.