Saturday, April 06, 2013

Building Patterns With Blokus Trigon

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We love board games in our house.  However, most of the board games that we own aren't designed for toddlers or preschoolers.  Yet, the kids are allowed to play with the games in their own way if that is something they are interested in.

J really enjoys the pieces from the board game Blokus Trigon.  He loves to organize them on the game board, which ends up offering lots of different learning opportunities.  For instance, he can explore patterns like those found in math or try to fit the pieces together like a puzzle to practice spatial mapping.  Fine motor skills can also be refined as some of the pieces are tiny.  He can also describe the shapes of the pieces or count the number of triangles that make up each piece.

Placing some pieces on the board.
Look at the patterns and shapes that can be explored.

Building Shapes on the Light Box

Since the pieces are transparent, we have also spent some time exploring them on the light box.  

The invitation to play Blokus on the light box.
Exploring patterns
A close up of the pieces on the light box
And that's when J discovered that some of the pieces resembled letters of the alphabet.

Letters C, O, O, L, Y, and S
So if you haven't considered it yet, let your child start exploring some different board games.  They can offer so many learning opportunities, even if they don't play by the rules.

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