Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Three Dinosaur Themed Play Dough Activities

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We love play dough in our house.  We always make our own and the best recipe we have tried (and absolutely LOVED) is this no bake play dough from The Imagination Tree.  It is honestly the easiest and best homemade play dough ever.  It lasts forever too.  Usually one batch of this play dough will last us many months.  The particular batch of play dough in the pictures below has been stored in our refrigerator since before St. Patrick's Day and is still as fresh as the day we made it (and it has glitter in it too because it's more awesome that way!).  

Now having said all of that, you can always use store bought play dough for these activities.

Activity #1: Making Dinosaur Tracks

  • Play dough
  • Dinosaur figures
  • Rolling pin

The invitation to make some dinosaur tracks.
K was the first to check out this invitation.  He figured out what to do right away.  Although, he didn't always stamp using the dinosaur's feet...

K making tracks with a dinosaur head.
Making more dinosaur "tracks."
Time to roll it out for some more track making.
Stegosaurus' turn to make tracks
J eventually joined us, even sporting a dinosaur shirt!

Rolling out the dough!
Making some dinosaur tracks.
Making lots of tracks!
A close up of the dinosaur tracks.
J also spent some time counting the dinosaur tracks.  He even practiced some skip counting when he used a two-legged dinosaur.  He also described the different shapes of the dinosaur footprints.  

Both boys LOVED this dinosaur activity.

Activity #2: Cutting Out Dinosaur Shapes

  • Play dough
  • Dinosaur shaped cookie cutters
  • Rolling pin
    The invitation to cut out dinosaur shapes.
K showed absolutely no interest in this activity.  J, however, checked it out for a bit.

J cutting out a "ty-anno-aurus rex."

Activity #3: Dinosaur Stamping

  • Play dough
  • Dinosaur stamps - Ours were a gift from my parents when they went to Drumheller last year.
  • Rolling pin
    The invitation to do some dinosaur stamping.
At this point, K was totally bored with the play dough activities.  So once again, only J tried it out.

Stamping a dinosaur.
A close up of one of the dinosaurs stamped in the play dough.

 Then J decided to use the stamps to make more "footprints."

Making some more dinosaur tracks, but with the stamps instead.


  1. I've tried but we just don't love the playdough around here. All he wants to do is for me to roll it into balls and then we roll them to each other across the table. Maybe he'll grow into it.

    1. Sometimes presenting it in different ways helps, like offering cookie cutters, stamps, feathers or sequins to squish into the play dough, etc.

      For the longest time, J just wanted to use number cookie cutters. I had to help cut the numbers out and then he would play with the numbers for literally hours.

  2. Zack just eats the playdough right now. I thought he would like ripping it apart and squishing it in his hands, but sadly huge chunks go straight to his mouth.
    I love how they used the face to make prints and those stamps are awesome!!!!

  3. I love the stamps too. And I am glad K is past the "I am going to eat play dough" stage.

  4. I love the dinosaur tracks - we will have to give this a go!

    I would love for you to link up at the Mommy Archive. We're focused on playdough, gak, gloop (aka stretchy stuff) this week but you can also link up fab old play posts into other topics including science, reading, imaginative play etc Alice@ Mums Make Lists x

    1. Thanks, Alice. I will be sure to check out your link party.