Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Tin Can Drum {Music Craft for Kids}

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How to make a simple homemade drum for kids using a tin can.

Music is such a huge part of my life and as a result, both boys have developed a strong passion for all things music, even from a very young age.  We spend a good chunk of our day listening to music, singing songs, dancing to music, and making some music of our own.  The boys even like to steal the metronome from my piano studio and play with that!  Anyway, the boys and I took some time this morning to put together a super easy and cute tin can drum.

Homemade tin can drum with homemade mallets from And Next Comes L

  • Recycled tin can - I used one that has one of those tab lids so that it wouldn't have any sharp, jagged edges.
  • Balloon
  • Scissors
  • Wood skewers
  • Styrofoam balls 
  • Paint (optional)

How to Make a Tin Can Drum {Music Craft for Kids}

Remove the label from the tin can (if there is still one on it).  Cut the end of the balloon off.  Stretch the balloon over the top of the tin can.  You can also have your kids paint the sides of the tin can ahead of time if you want a more personalized drum.

The mallets are optional since this tin can drum works great as a bongo drum.  To make the mallets, slide the styrofoam balls onto the end of a skewer.  J loved doing this part over and over.

J assembling a mallet from And Next Comes L

Now it's ready for drumming!

K drumming from And Next Comes L

K drumming from And Next Comes L

K drumming from And Next Comes L

While K had his nap, J and I spent some time drumming out different rhythms.  I would drum out a rhythm and he would try to imitate.  Then we also sang some songs while drumming the main beat.

J drumming and singing from And Next Comes L

J drumming and singing from And Next Comes L

For some other fun sounds, J flipped the can over and began drumming on the bottom.  Then I showed him how he could create some neat sounds by sliding the mallet along the side of the can.

Drumming on the bottom of the can from And Next Comes L

You could easily make a bunch of these drums using different sizes of cans.  Regardless, it is an inexpensive (and fun!) way to expose kids to rhythm and music!

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