Monday, May 06, 2013

ABC Quiet Book Pages

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Before I even started making the quiet books, I knew that an alphabet page was a given since both boys love everything ABC related.  In hindsight, I should have made two alphabet pages, one for each of the boys' books because these pages have been the most popular by far.

ABC & spelling quiet book page from And Next Comes L

These pages feature removable letter pieces and a pocket filled with three letters words.  The three velcro dots on the front of the green pocket give the kids a place to practice spelling some of the words.

The materials used for these pages include felt, foam stickers, velcro, cardstock, permanent marker, and something to laminate with (laminator, clear packing tape, or contact paper).

The foam stickers were hot glued to white felt with a velcro dot glued next to it.  I then cut out circles from felt scraps, hot glued a foam letter onto it, and glued some velcro on the back.  

The green pocket was sewn on and closes using velcro.  I then hot glued three velcro dots on the front of the pocket.

To make the cards in the pocket, write three letter words on cardstock with the permanent marker.  Then laminate.  I used clear packing tape since it was the perfect size for my cards.  I also chose to write words on both sides of the cardstock.

Close up of ABC & spelling quiet book pages from And Next Comes L

Close up of the spelling portion of the ABC quiet book pages from And Next Comes L

These pages are great for practicing letter names, letter matching, spelling, and reading.  They also provide great fine motor practice.  And why not practice drawing the shapes of the letters by tracing the foam stickers with your fingers?  Or how about naming the colors of the letters or the felt circles?  So many ways to play! 

As I mentioned, this part of the quiet book has been the most popular by far.  The boys love, love, LOVE these pages.

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