Thursday, May 23, 2013

Color Matching Xylophone Game

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Xylophones for children are usually brightly colored in a rainbow fashion, making it an easy instrument to do a color matching game with.  So I made a color matching xylophone game where you have to match the colored "mallets" (colored craft sticks in this case) to the same colored key on the xylophone.

J playing the color matching xylophone game.
I simply cut up strips of construction paper, glued it to a piece of black construction paper, and laminated it.

The game board.
Here's J illustrating how to play the game, which is pretty self-explanatory.

This game turned out to be great for imaginative play too.  First, J pretended to color the keys of the xylophone, using the craft sticks as crayons.

J pretending to color this key yellow.
Then he pretended to play the xylophone, singing away as he tapped on the different keys.

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