Friday, May 17, 2013

Water Beads, a Pool, and Some Pool Noodles

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We haven't played with water beads for awhile and K decided to take a really early nap, so J and I headed outside with the water beads.  I filled the kiddie pool with the water beads and handed J two pool noodles and let him have at it.  The pool noodles are short because I cut them in half for another project (in case you are wondering as you read the post).

J started picking up water beads and placing them into the inner tunnel of the pool noodles.  He giggled pretty much every time the water bead fell out the other end.

J eventually climbed into the pool, where he continued to put some water beads into the pool noodle.

Eyeing up where to put the water beads.
Then he jumped around and squished them with his feet.

Jumping and squishing the water beads.
Once he declared that he was all done, he started picking the water beads up and putting them in our storage container.

Cleaning up!
I also had to take a moment to take a close up picture of the water beads.  They look so wonderful with the sunlight on them, don't you think?

Beautiful blue water beads.
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