Friday, May 03, 2013

Zoo Quiet Book Page

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Both of the boys have their own quiet books and both books have a page with finger puppets.  This zoo one has a gate that opens to reveal three animal finger puppets.

Zoo quiet book page
How I Made It
The materials were simple for this page: felt and foam stickers for the word "zoo."

The finger puppets were part of a birthday card that one of the boys received, so I did not make them.  However, they could easily be recreated.  They sit perfectly inside a pocket behind the gate.

The gate to the zoo is open.
Three adorable finger puppets recycled from a greeting card.
Why We Love This Page
This page is a lot of fun.  It is great for imaginative play, learning about animals, and fine motor skills.  J loves to read and trace the letters of the word "zoo."  That's why I prefer to hot glue foam letters on for words.  I like the different texture and the foam letters are so appealing to both boys.

The finger puppets alone keep the boys busy for awhile, especially K, who has a hard time getting these particular puppets on his fingers.

K trying to get the lion on his finger.
That didn't work, so he tried the monkey one instead.

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  1. Another lovely page.
    I'm just in the planning process right now. But I need to get into high gear if I want something done for xmas!

  2. Replies
    1. You can definitely get some at Michaels, or at least, you used to be able to buy some there.