Friday, July 19, 2013

DIY Super Why Peg Dolls

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Both of my boys are obsessed with the television show Super Why, especially J.  One day, while playing with the Canadian peg dolls, I overheard J talking about "super letters," "super readers," and "the super story answer."  He was pretending that the Mountie and Moose were Super Why characters!  So off I went to make some Super Why Peg Dolls...

I used four of the leftover peg dolls from when I purchased a bag for the Canadian peg dolls.  I simply colored them using permanent markers.  I also made hats, a skirt, and capes using felt scraps, which I then hot glued on.  To make the tiara for the princess, I used a decorative metal loop that would be used as part of a bracelet closure.  I had those on hand from my jewelry making days.

Here's how they turned out...

First up, is Super Why himself.

Then Wonder Red.

We can't forget Alpha Pig.

And here's Princess Presto, complete with tiara.

Both boys love these peg dolls.  I even saw K playing with them in the castle play tote, as you can see below.