Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Tape Letters

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This activity was completely initiated by J.  

It all started with tape.  

I had just finished doing my hair or brushing my teeth or perhaps peeing alone (that would be a memorable occasion so it wasn't likely that).  When I came downstairs, J and K were playing with my green painter's tape.  They had managed to rip a long piece off and it was stuck to K's belly.  Of course, both boys thought it was hilarious!  Anyway, J pulled the tape off K's belly and stuck it to the mirrored doors in our dining room.  Then he started forming the letter A using another piece of tape that they had ripped off.  

Deciding how to form the A.
Lining up the tape for the A.
The letter A!
Next thing I know, we are taping the entire alphabet on our mirror.  

Letter B
Letter C
Letter D
"A perfect E!" as J would say.
I love the look on J's face here as he builds the letter S.
J did it all by himself except for when he needed help ripping the tape.  He would stop and shout, "Mommy, snip it!"   K, on the other hand, was happy to "help" by identifying the letters as J made them.

Twenty minutes later we had an alphabet mirror in our house, which we left up for a good week and a half.

Can you find all the letters from A to Z?
Now, if you are familiar with my blog at all, you'll have noticed that J has the uncanny ability to turn any material into a letter or number.  For instance, he has used crayons, window casings, tube shotsice cubesbeads, strips of paper, and magnets.  And those are only the ones I have blogged about!

Looking for other hands on ways to build letters?  Be sure to check out our Building Giant Letters Outdoors activity.


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