Tuesday, May 17, 2016

12+ Ways for Kids to Play with a Roll of Tape {Boredom Busters for Kids}

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When your kids are bored and need an engaging quiet time activity, what do you usually resort to?

For us, we always end up doing something with tape because let's face it, I've never met a kid who didn't like playing with tape. It's versatile. Plus, I almost always have tape of some kind kicking around. It doesn't matter if it's masking tape, painter's tape, or washi tape, these 12+ borebom buster ideas for kids using tape are ridiculously fun!

Fun boredom buster ideas for kids using only a roll of tape from And Next Comes L

This list of activities for kids using tape include 12 main ideas, with many variations for most of the ideas, which is why I say there are 12+. These boredom buster ideas include ideas for working on fine motor skills, literacy, math, imaginative play, and even gross motor! 

There's absolutely no way the kids will get bored with these ideas. You can even reuse the same pieces of tape over and over again to create new ideas. For instance, we created a tape maze, but the boys kept changing the pieces around everyday to create new and different mazes.

So grab your tape because the kids are going to have a blast with these ideas!

Fun boredom buster ideas for kids using only a roll of tape from And Next Comes L