Saturday, August 17, 2013

C is for Chord (The ABCs of Music for Kids)

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Music activities for kids that focus on chords.

C is for chord.  Not those cords you use to plug in electronic devices or the short form of corduroy pants or the guy who plays Sam in Glee, Chord Overstreet.  However, he was incidentally named after the musical term so there's your random factoid for the day!  Anyway, chords are made up of three or more music notes.  The most common chords are triads, which are what we focused on.  Triads are three notes that are intervals of a third apart, stacked on top of each other like cute little snowmen, as you will see.

Here are five activities, two of which have free printables, you can do to teach your kids about chords.

1. Use dot stickers to visually show how to play chords, while helping your kids work on listening with their ears.

2. J practiced his spelling and reading of the word chord by building another word for our magnetic music word wall.

3. Build snowman chords using the free printable. 

4. Draw a giant chalk keyboard and encourage your child to jump some chords out.  Jump from C to E and than E to G for some gross motor chord building fun!

5. Use Lego to build some chords using the free printable.