Wednesday, August 28, 2013

No Sew Portable Roads Busy Bag Idea for Kids

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I am happy to be taking part of the Busy Bag of the Month Series and can you believe that I fit three mountains, ten roads, two lakes, five trees, oodles of bushes, a barn, and a handful of cars all into one bag?  Well, you better believe it!

This no sew car themed busy bag for kids is absolutely adorable!

No sew busy bag idea for kids who love cars and trucks from And Next Comes L

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When I originally made the roads for the magnetic roads (if you haven't checked them out, they are awesome!), I painted an additional ten roads.  Initially I was going to make two identical play sets, one for J and one for K.  Then I decided, instead, to make a magnetic play set and a non-magnetic play set. This busy bag is the non-magnetic set.

Car themed busy bag activity for kids from And Next Comes L

What You'll Need to Make This Car Themed Busy Bag for Kids

Here is what I used:

To make this version, I painted ten craft sticks with black acrylic paint.  When they were dry, I then painted the yellow dotted lines.  I also made pipe cleaner trees (instructions on how to make them can be found here on Play Trains).  The grass is simply two pieces of uncut green felt and the bushes are various green pom poms.  The lakes are just pieces of blue felt cut free hand.

Playing with the no sew road busy bag from And Next Comes L

Playing with a busy bag from And Next Comes L

Then I decided to make some mountains using scrap pieces of felt.  I simply folded a piece of grey felt until it was a mountain shape and used a hot glue gun to hold it together.  To make the mountains snow capped, cut a small piece of white felt and hot glue it to the top of the mountains.  You may have to trim the base of the mountain to make it sit flat.

Close up of road busy bag for kids from And Next Comes L

Close up of road busy bag for kids from And Next Comes L

Once you have all the pieces made, grab some vehicles and other accessories to finish it off.  I used the barn from the Safari Ltd. Down on the Farm Toob and various cars from the Safari Ltd. On the Road Toob.  If you have this toob, then you could also add some boats to the water.

Close up of road busy bag for kids from And Next Comes L

All the pieces easily fit in a large freezer bag for easy storage and maximum portability.

No sew car themed busy bag idea for kids from And Next Comes L

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