Monday, September 30, 2013

Ghost Themed Halloween Sensory Bin

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Looking for Halloween sensory bin ideas? Try this simple ghost themed Halloween sensory bin that's perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

Most Halloween sensory bins are orange and black, filled with pumpkins and whatnot. 

This one, however, is not. 

Instead, this Halloween sensory bin idea is inspired by ghosts. Or, more specifically, the little ghost stones that I found at Michaels. 

This sensory bin is slightly eerie and spooky in the way it looks. Almost as if the ghosts are haunting the water...

I can almost hear the ghosts calling....oooOOOOooooOOOooo

Sensory bin idea for Halloween inspired by ghosts

Ghost Inspired Halloween Sensory Bin: What You'll Need

Here's what I used for this simple Halloween sensory activity:

  • White tissue paper, ripped into pieces
  • Ghost stones (I found these at Michael's) or similar
  • Water
To make this ghost sensory bin, rip the tissue paper into strips. The kids will definitely enjoy helping with this part! Then toss them into a large container full of water. The tissue paper will get soggy and mushy, making the sensory bin look really spooky and ghost-like.

Next, add the ghosts.

And that's it!

Ghost Halloween sensory box for kids

Ghost Halloween sensory box idea for kids

Toddlers & Preschoolers Will Love this Halloween Sensory Box! 

The boys were eager to check out this ghost sensory bin, digging right in to play with the wet tissue paper.

Simple Halloween sensory activity for toddlers and preschoolers

J quickly grabbed all the tissue paper and bundled it up.

Playing with a ghost themed Halloween sensory idea

Thennnnn he started wringing it out onto the floor...That's one way to wash my kitchen floor!

My youngest, K, was also fascinated by the wet tissue paper, carefully examining it in his hands. Like, "what is this stuff, mom?!" He even put some on his body as if he was turning into a mummy.

Then both boys took turns dipping their head into the bin, splashing the water, and even tried to dump all the water on the floor... 

Once they were done, the tissue paper really disintegrated, which made the bin look even more spooky.

Spooky ghost sensory bin for Halloween

Spooky ghost sensory bin for Halloween

Looks eerie, doesn't it?

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Simple ghost sensory bin activity for Halloween - great for toddlers and preschool kids!